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I'm an actress and as a as a as a hollywood celebrity i have very important thoughts on the issues of the day really i mean normally when you actress and there's nothing more important than being an actress there are people in the immigrant community you don't really speak much english and they hear these rumors and it's like telephone and he believed that isis down the street and there were checkpoint that i understand almost but for an actress who has been here since he was born in the nineteen eighties to try to spread this nonsense a check on the streets of hollywood were kind of a dope they have to be dope when we come back a federal judge here in california as made some decisions on the trump administration's challenge to california's sanctuary laws we'll talk about john and ken show kfi debra mark has news the mother of the seven year old boy who was left abandoned last night at union station has been arrested some army recruits and reservists who enlisted through a program the promised a path to citizenship say they have been abruptly discharged from the military some say they don't know why lung beaches kicked off the pilot program for regulation of electric scooters the city will only allow a certain number of scooters to try to avoid the problems other cities have faced across the country five and we will check in with the kfi in the sky next summer time travel's say take yourself to an heiress hotel all over southern california fact up in central california the beautiful elegant that dole resort in paso robles wine country.

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