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Yeah he's wearing their road great uniforms navy caps helmets be well for the angels the alternate red tops and red caps the white pants as we get ready to roll here in anaheim or played on pyre tonight is angel hernandez todd tichenor is at first base alad quarter at second base at bill miller at third base and again lots of yankee fans here tonight may by the end of last night's game it was all yankee fans here the big a da i don't even know if we had to wait till the end i mean it was pretty strong and representing here saw achey fan today at the hotel and he was just blown away at how many of his fellow yankee fans were in sections that he was in and just how loud it was any visiting ballpark so here's gardner again martinez grasset third pools playing first base back to the back but not to skaggs ready turns kicks delivers the first pitch of the game is a little bit high we are underway the new york yankees have won eight straight there in the middle of a twelve game stretch against the angels astros indians and red sox swag the misr actually a foul tip into the mid of rivera had account one and one that is a tough twelve game stretch angels astros indians and red sox waiting one one skaggs had a curvy is download check swing appeal third go says chief bill miller hide our first pitch tonight five await local time a perfect sixty nine degrees in our fabric temperature brought to you by carrier discover how a carrier ductless system could make any space.

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