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By looking at him because he very rarely rarely appeared on screen in his own face. He was a big, strapping dude and was famous for playing. Well under the helmet. It was the voice of James Earl Jones. He passed away at 85. But if you're a star Wars, fanatic and nut cases I am then you know that name very, very well. So a zoo, we think about celebrities and those who have passed on milestone. People who have passed on. I was reading a little bit about why we find ourselves connected to celebrities and feel certain remorse. When they're gone, we'll It makes obvious sense. You know the context. Is that we can sort of imagine them. As us or we as them, and that's why we tend to grieve and also the importance of ritual and community and grieving when we all have Some reason to share. I remember when Kobe Bryant, his helicopter went down. It was a shock to most people, and that's why they Often say to remember where you were. When Kennedy or Elvis. There's something about that losing a celebrity. Suddenly that brings us together, but in an event According to the psychologists and psychiatrists and those with lots of degrees are celebrities give us a lot. They represent an ideal ized version of ourselves that we can strongly relate to, and And it's healthy, healthy to miss them. It's as important to miss our own loved ones, of course, but there's something collectively positive about it. So we've got two things going on anything good. That happened not on the political scale, but in terms of your life or in terms of life in general. During this much maligned and rightfully so year and also a celebrity's. You might want to recognize we go next to Florence. Welcome Euron WBC's Night side with Jordan in for Dan. Hi, Florence. All right. Hi, Jordan. Uh, celebrity Sean Connery. Uh oh. Be still my heart. Yes. Yes. James Bond. The truth, James boom. 80 years after the genes born will me He showed what a fine after he would Um, wonderful. Well, he won an Academy Award for Um The Untouchables. Sorry, almost forgot, And he had that gruff exterior. I think my favorite non bond movie role of Sean Connery's will have to one is a Science fiction thing called Out Land, which I love. But the other one is Robin and marry in which is just a terrific movie with Audrey Hepburn. Yes, He was wonderful. Yes, he'll be missed. Thea other is heard in the news. Really fine thing. Very nice. It made me smile and Say nice. Wow. Um, all we've been hearing about the you know the police that have Going wrong. Um In the news. Is there was a mother, I guess over Christmas who wish shoplifting in a food store to get Christmas dinner for God and her Children and the officer that came on the scene. Instead of arresting her. He noticed that all she had taken with food item he went in and border. $250 just cut So that she could buy a Christmas dinner. That is, uh, he said that he had two young George's himself. And So that was a wonderful thing he did. I would just simply say that there are always going to be stories that bother us about any organization. Any group of individuals in any field and certainly police were under great stress and there are problems and we have to fix an address those problems, but By and large. These are people who get up every day, deciding to risk their lives for us, and I couldn't agree with you more. That's a beautiful story. Beautiful story. Yeah, it just made me smile. Uh, to hear that he did that for her. And now with wonderful, Just wonderful. Well, you made other smile. Two of my dear. Thank you so much for your contributions Appreciated. You take care. Have a nice new year, okay? Year. Same to you. All right, take care. 617254 10 30, another Sean Connery movie worth mentioning the man who would be King. Oh, just brilliant. Just brilliant, Heidi. I was just like the fact that I'm talking to Heidi Heidi Ho, Massachusetts. Is next on night side with Jordan in for Dan..

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