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Stacey heiress went missing around these sunrise high Sierra camp in Yosemite National Park and Joe. Yosemite is. We've talked about Yosemite in a past episode, and this is by far probably number one on my list of national parks right now to visit. yeah, I tell you mine, too. Yeah and I think I if I don't know if you're coming with or not this August. But we're still planning to head out there for kind of a hike and then a little party that weekend. I'll be there for the weekend part for sure yeah I have to see if I can make it for the hike before the party weekend okay. Well, the party. The Party is obviously you don't WanNa miss that, but the hiking will be a lot of fun, too. I think we're GONNA. Try to hike the chains on half dome. I believe it was episode five another gentleman by the name Michael Allen. Fishery went missing in Yosemite. National Park's. If you haven't already listened to that episode, I would listen to that one to once. You've done with this. But Yosemite is in California and it's A. It's a pretty old park. It was established on October. First eighteen ninety and it's it's big. It's over seven, hundred, forty, seven thousand acres, or one point one million square miles, which if you can think about that, it's about five times larger than Chicago. So it's a, it's A. It's a massive park. Yeah, it's huge. And it sees a ton of visitors every year, so the the average about four million people year so. And three fourths of all those visitors happened in kind of the same time period, so you're talking. You. You know you're June July August timeframe so it. It's a really busy park. But thankfully it's a big park, so there's a ton of places to hike. Some cool facts about Yosemite. It is home to one of the tallest waterfalls in the world at over two thousand, four, hundred twenty five feet. Yosemite falls. Is it is the tallest on the planet, so definitely something I. I hope to see if we get out to Yosemite this summer. Is that the one that is like? You can see the fire fall where like the light hits at certain away, and it looks like it's like lava pouring over the edge. Yeah, they call them. Moon Beause. Moon bows okay. Yeah, well I Know there's there's the rainbows at night. 'cause we talked about that the other episode as a fun fact, but I thought there was one called fire fall to. The Sun setting hits it just right, and it looks like lava I think you're right and I think. There are several waterfalls in the park that have these amazing rainbows that you can witness during the day at sunset, or even at night the moon bows so I'm excited to possibly see a moon Bo as well. So I you're seventy park was the first area of land set aside by the US government for preservation protections, so that's a cool little fact. The giant there's also giant sequoia trees that live in the park, and they can live up to three thousand years old, which is pretty unbelievable that you have trees there. That are. Three thousand years old just imagine what has happened throughout history and that three thousand years in the afternoon. I was real tiny. How the same tree! Yeah this is crazy to think about. Famous writer, a lot of you probably know of John. Muir was a naturalist and the founder of the Sierra Club. He was so taken with Yosemite that he headed up effort for its preservation, and his efforts led to the parks establishment in eighteen ninety and in nineteen. Oh, three President! Theodore Roosevelt toured Yosemite with mirror in nineteen, zero six. The park came under the federal government's control. So John Muir had a very influential role in. Getting, this park set up and preserved so. It's pretty cool and obviously theater as Roosevelt and I think Joe that that's one of your favorite presidents is if now? He started the park service basically yeah, so a pretty cool history of the park. Little in depth information on its climate Yosemite is has what people call a Mediterranean climate meaning. Most of the precipitation falls during the mild winter. And the other seasons are nearly dry less than three percent of the precipitation falls during the long hot summers so. It's definitely a park. If you're going hiking in the summer, you're GONNA WANNA. Make sure you either have a lot of water with you or you've got Kinda map marked with all the spots. You can fill up because that's just need for hiking, too. Because realize just makes it so much more difficult when you're camping. Yeah, especially for people like us where we have to travel sometimes across the country to go hiking you you there for one week and you kind of play. The the weather lottery hoping. Yeah, remember I. Mean You remember trip to our first trip to glacier? was just a rainy sued. The whole time, and it was still really cool hiking trip, but it just makes miserable. Yeah, so yeah, like I said. The climate is pretty hot and dry in the popular times that people go hiking so. Know bring a Lotta water or you know have a map with where you can fill up a on your hike. Which I think is pretty easy. There's a ton of little lakes throughout the park so. that should really be a an issue. Terrain, it's it's very mountainous and rocky. There's a lot of granite slabs. You can hike on a lot of crevasses. You can fall in. so it's some of the trails can get pretty pretty tough if you're inexperienced or not prepared so especially like I mentioned earlier the. the chain the chains on half dome. If anyone's into hiking and you don't know what that is after this episode, go to Google and look it up it. It looks terrifying and amazing at the same time. Yeah, they're very dangerous. girl died on it a few months ago. Correct, she slid off. Yeah, the problem is people. Try to hike it when it gets wet and it's just a big slab of granite, and it's not supposed to do that. It gets slippery and I've read articles about people trying to do it in sandals, and you know a lot of these accidents while really unfortunate, it's sometimes because the people don't prepare. That's I think most of the accidents we talk about. That are solvable. Are Result of unprepared, not knowing the climate. Not knowing what gear you need, not knowing what you're doing. We're not even knowing the weather forecast for today. I can tell you one hundred percent if I'm going to hike that the chain hike and there's. A chance of rain in the afternoon. I probably won't do it. Might hike up to the base of it just to see it. Through the dangerous part, yeah, and it gets really CDs pictures. It gets backed up I mean it reminds me of the backups. On Everest just tons of people going up and down, and then you've got people that chain in every link which you're not really supposed to do. And it it slows. It slows everyone down and you really just got it. You Pat Kinda light you know where some hiking boots have good traction on the bottom and you know. Don't go when there's a chance of rain. I think you'd be fine and leave early. You want to beat the crowd Sir Yeah. Hundred percent agree. Yeah, so it looks like a really cool hike, and there's a ton of other really cool hikes in the park. I think there's over. I'll get into it, but yeah, there's over eight hundred miles of trades that you can hike, so you can spend a whole year. Hike in the park. types of dangers in regards to animals. There's black bears. bighorn sheep mountain lions mule deer. Those are kind of the big. The big animals in the park nothing I would be too concerned about you know mountain lions. We've said in past episodes. If you have little children, just keep an eye on them. Don't let them. Out of your sight. In the park, black bears are not going to. Probably attack people unless they're provoked. or You come across a bear with their the cubs. Yeah and I haven't really read too many reports of people getting injured by or killed by animals in the park so I think. You know if you take precautions, you'll be fine. like I, said the train. It's wooded.

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