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Getting better keeps getting better responsibilities are fun. But even stupid stuff like the fund song are still really like catchy fun. If I wanted to because I guess I just I don't know because I was in high school when it came out. And maybe I was watching less Nickelodeon not saying that I was cool or anything. But. Because that wasn't true because there was not. She was a big nerd and still is I work at polygon. What? I mean. Through I love them. So all right. Where if I should I just watch season one. Do you have any episode recommendation just all of them season? One two three Gibson all their only the first two seasons aren't prime Amazon prime. Oh is he's breathing. It is daily the two season three's enough his into okay? We'll give me your VHS tapes or something. Yeah. But definitely watch at least one into them figure for you. Because has talk nuts as credit card training rock bottom. Rock vol one, so good rock bottom. So creeping it doesn't serve we got. Yeah. We talked about another cartoon show, I to hijack it. But we will. Will make SpongeBob spectacular Assode someday. Spongebob memory emails might all be the same. Yes. I want those. Them at us. All right tweet us. Your SpongeBob memories at polygon gun show, or you can send them to polygon show polygon dot com. Now, the other cartoon that through we watch this week minus Chelsea sorry. Chelsea Chelsea, okay. Is just solving a mystery. Yes, Zorba you're saving lives, not really 'cause they're they're dead. Anyway, sheera which Allegra and actually watch after my recommendations last week and actually enjoying it. And Allegra is not enjoying it. Just the opposite of what I thought would happen. And so Simon stunned. I am shocked. I wanna hear what Ashley likes. Then. I wanna hear what you don't be the Downer. Then I'm happy to be. Probably agree with a lot of your critique. Yeah. Me too. Yeah. So I can get over it. I'm on the suit six, I think. I am too perfect. Yeah. I just watched the one sea-captain Seahawk Seahawk. So who I love I love catra, which I thought I would and I like her friendship with Dora. However, I think that the pacing is very very slow, which is sort of weird. Because even though it's a Netflix show. So I assume like it was built I'm pretty sure it was made four Netflix..

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