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Crews are now headed to the scene. Your next update to fifty eight on the. Traffic leader KCBS got off and on rain this week. This afternoon is cloudy with highs in the upper fifty s to the low seventies in some of the inland valleys. We could see a few isolated showers in the next. Couple of hours scattered showers are coming into nine through tomorrow with temperatures cooling a little bit more upper fifties at the coast to the mid sixties inland. Dry day Wednesday with partly to mostly cloudy skies. Scattered showers back in the forecast. Thursday widespread. Rain forecast on Friday. More scattered showers on Saturday. We're supposed to be drying out on Sunday, traffic and weather together on the it's on all news one zero six nine AM seven forty KCBS news time to fifty. This portion of our news is sponsored by ringcentral the global leader in cloud communication, and collaboration solutions, the university of South Carolina is mourning the death of a student was killed after she mistakenly got into a car. She thought was her Uber. Samantha Josephson was last seen Friday after a night out with her friends. Police have char. Twenty four year old suspect with Josephine's murder and kidnapping CBS news correspondent David Begg. Now has the story not only did this woman get into the wrong car. Police say she could not get out because the suspect had the child lock on. Samantha Joseph was at a bar last Friday with a friends around one thirty A M when they lost track of her within thirty six hours hunters found her body. She truly was. My life. Those who knew twenty one year old college senior Samantha Josephson. Remember her is having an infectious smile and a contagious laugh. She had a personality and a presence.

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