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I'm not going to, I'm going to put you on the spot right here. Please. And I know you love your warriors. Seat curves in all time. He's going to go to the Hall of Fame. He goes to the Hall of Fame as a coach. You know, their staff did not inform Steph curry that they didn't have any time out. That looks like a catastrophic failure on their part. Hold on, Scott. You don't want to stop you there. Look, Steph Curry said, hey, we used a challenge. I thought the challenge was a timeout. It was a little gray area there. So I'll give this, hold on. I'll give the four time champion. You're getting a little bit. No, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. Give me the give me the floor to explain that. Here we go. You've got the floor. Even the best of the best make mistakes, but every time the best of the best to make mistakes, we chalk it up eyes all right. They're 20 assistant coaches there. And none of them informed them. Okay, what about my boon holes or .5? You still have one to burn. You're not going to call that timeout. You're not going to advocate for more time on the clock. You're not going to advocate for Jimmy Butler pushing off on pat Connaughton. You're just going to let that go. You're just going to let that .5 go. So who knows what a championship two years ago? My point is even the best of the best make mistakes when every time Joe mazula does something, which all kinds of great coaches do, everyone that I are too young to have ready for the moment. So I'm telling you right now, the guy's good and he's going to be great. He could be great this year. He's learning on the fly, he's making mistakes. He's like, anybody makes a mistake. And in the playoffs. The only guy I could tell you, I really don't think has made a mistake as they're exposed to. That guy has not made a mistake. But outside of that, guys are going to do that. So I think it's appropriate for any coach in high stress positions to kind of blow a coverage here or not have your team prepared to go against a team without Joel embiid and I'll tell you what from game one to game two. You hit all the right buttons. We need to be we need to impose our will in this game. So a lot of and listen, I'm going at you, but really it's a thing up here. Everyone sits around and says, adjustments adjustments. Why are we looking at them and say, and they're adjustment is always, I wouldn't play the guy who played that. Well, you guys tell me that beforehand. You know what I mean? Anybody can go back and say, oh yeah, he should have played more. He should have played less, but in the moment, you got to make the decision that you think is best your team. I think personally Joe's doing a great job. I think he's getting kind of a bad rep here. And he doesn't even handle the outside media very well because he's kind of short to the point just gets out. And it's fine when you're Bill Belichick and you got ten super bowls and all that stuff but it's not buying your job Missoula and you're in your first year. And people in media got to get out of their feelings when they don't like a guy and then all of a sudden they think he's not very good. You can not like a guy and he really good. Or you can love a guy and that guy could not be very good. It's just the way it goes. I mean, Joe's doing a great job and he's getting sort of unfair shake right now with his team and everyone thinks that this team won the championship last year. They had their ups and downs last year too and now they're having some this year, everyone plays to Joe Missoula. Yeah, no, I understand sky. It's okay, man. I'm okay, brother. You know, I know you putting up for your guy. A certain way like someone goes back and you on Twitter. Now all of a sudden you've got it the next guy for asking the same question. That's not what it is. Right now my man Joe Missoula. No, I got him. Brian scalabrine Celtics analyst for NBC sports Boston, but the one thing I can see in looking at this series now, if Joel embiid is able to play in game three, what changes for the Celtics approach you think for their game plan? Yeah, so it was really interesting. I thought Doc Rivers really handled that. Well, a lot of people were saying in B shouldn't play why are you playing him? You're not going to win this game anyway. But I looked at that game and I think Doc Rivers looked at it the same way. This is a great game to knock the rust off. But you're not going to want to have 13 days off before he goes in place and hoist that MVP trophy and all the emotions of that. Like I thought yesterday was an appropriate way for him to kind of get out there and get his feel back and I'm expecting him B2B dominated. Do don't hoist up an MVP trophy and go out there and lay an egg. So I'm expecting a huge game from MBD and I'm also expecting Jason Tatum to bounce back only 7 points. He's scored in double figures in a 160 straight gains. That's fourth all time and Celtic history. And last night, just 7 points on foul trouble just one field goal. So I saw something really interesting. PJ Tucker has been stuck to Jayson Tatum, but last night in the third quarter, he switched over to guarding Jalen Brown, who had the high hand who really had a great game. Maybe one of the greatest games as far as the floor game I've ever seen. So where I'm expecting stars to really show up. I'm expecting Tatum to be big. And I'm expecting MB to be big. And I'm expecting to be a hostile environment. So everyone thinks it's something happened advantage. You kind of got to throw it out when like the sixers do have the best player on the floor, even though I believe the Celtics are a better team. He's Brian scalabrine. He's also a serious XM NBA radio host and you cover the entire league, not just to sell ticks. And it's been this narrative. And I heard you speaking about this the other day riding around in my car. Just kind of what's going on in Memphis. Obviously, Dylan Brooks is seem to be the scapegoat of a basketball team that underperform, right? We expect that this grizzlies team to possibly compete in the Conference Finals. They didn't make it there. And so everyone says it's because of Dylan Brooks and he poked the bear in LeBron James and LeBron James basically is going to get him who's not even on his team out of the myth out of Memphis, I know you've been around. You've been in the league when you played for 11 seasons. You won championships and all that stuff. Have you seen something like this to where people are kind of scapegoating one person, but yet it's a lot of deficiencies within that team and while they do not perform. No, never. I don't understand why Memphis went down this road. First of all, let's look at it from Memphis point of view, right? You could use Dylan Brooks as a sign and trade to get something else if you don't want to back. Right. Let's look at it from Dylan Brooks standpoint. You want your own team

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