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Hello there. Everybody. This is Jay. Snuck back for more scifi news for us. So this weekend, we had newer comic con happen out in New York, of course, and they showed us a lot of cool trailers for Lada news shows a lot of coming shows and mind you before we got to see this little teaser about tell you about we because before this, it's back before that. So this new streaming service come out called DC universe, which I don't know if I've talked on here before where it's streaming service, where they're going to have a bunch of new enemies shows and live action shows. Titans is going to be on the other going to have a live action. Swamp things. Show the doing doom patrol thing as a cartoon show. They're bringing back young Justice for season three, which fans of weeded many years for that, and it looks really amazing, and they're also doing a Harley Quinn cartoon now before a recently. All we knew as other doing Harling. Quin cartoon. Great. We didn't know anything about it. They announced that Kili CoCo, which I hope I said that right from the big bang theory is going to be lending her voice to Harley Quinn on this cartoon. And it's kind of funny because when they did Batman and Harley Quinn was a DC did I think about a year or two ago now. We had burnt the girl who is Bernadette on the big bang theory, do Harley Quinn on that. So now this is the second woman from the big bang theory to be voicing Harley Quinn. And I'll give you a short little history Harley. Quick in case you don't know if you do. It's kind of cool lesson anyway. So Harley Quinn was not someone who had been isn't a brand new care to process. She's been around maybe twenty something years now, but she got started on a Batman damaged series and it's just like they said, hey, you know what? Let's give Batman, you know, I mean not Batman joker. Sorry, joker a, you know, a a love interest is sorts, and it was originally Harley Quinn. And as the series went on we, hey, she's be Dr. Harley Quinn Zell. She was at one time, you know, doctor for the joker and overtime knows she develops this attraction to him. It's never fully clear if he really feels the same way she does, but she develops. Attracts from. She helps break out of Arkham and becomes Harley Quinn, and the rest is history, you know, and he's not always at greater hurries abusive physically, verbally, things like that, but she can't help herself. She loves him. She's in love with him. We gotta learn a lot about their history actually in a show the episode they did called mad love. And since she got introduced on bet, mid series, fans loved her. She's a very popular character. She lot of people of the 'cause plays her. And in recent years she's had some chances used to be in a hey issue is just always telling, you know, connected to the joker, there's just who she was now in Batman Harley Quinn. There is no joker. It's just Harley Quinn and you know, and she's helping Batman and night wing, you know, stop poison Ivy from doing this with the Franck man. In the comics. The same thing has happened. They're doing stories now. It's not just, hey, Harley Quinn. Oh yeah. The joker, the joker and Harley Quinn. They're starting to veer away from that. They did now. To DC and movies where was Batman assault on Arkham where we do see, you know the joker in her, but she's not like, oh, hey, joker putting love. You know, she's very, not happy with him at on anti-trust, shoot him and kill him..

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