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Is facing accusations for sexual harassment from a second former aide. State Attorney General Letitia James has asked Cuomo for a referral, which will allow an independent investigation of his conduct with subpoena power and a massive $1.9 trillion covert relief land now heads to the Senate after passing the house. Democrats and President Biden not happy about the bill moving forward without the $15 an hour minimum wage. This is ABC News. Pinera's new flatbread, pizzas air here, but to our new chef Claus. They're not just pizzas. They're masterpieces because it's not just cheese. It's hot and melty mozzarella and fontina cheese. It's not just sauce. It's market tomato Red bell pepper sauce, and it's not just toppings. It's fresh mozzarella, basil and great tomatoes. Mm. Taste our delicious new flatbread pizzas today. Order online for pickup or delivery. Panera restrictions apply. Well, everybody out that car You must be Sunday must be as I'm here. You're here and hope is there and it.

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