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Depends on the size of your organization. Cayenne related more to casual so you need to be very cash flow positive to pay the tax bill. I was a guest on the other thing might be the cost of getting capital. Sometimes CAPEX model might be cheaper but again. Can you buy a lot of this equipment with Capex while you're not you're really leasing or renting it for periods of time so it's it's wanted to consider biggest thing though we say the challenge is the internal challenge in getting people's minds switched around as to remove into a different model? Is it right model water to considerations and I think really mark? I think it's. It's really about you know that's one aspect of evangelizing internal right. I think you know we. We are You know we're really good. A lot of us are really good at technology. Really good at digging in and understanding complex problems and and trying to build new solutions but the reality of the situation is that we really need to be good evangelists and turn away This is a you know. Moving to the cloud and digital transformation is a real Mont shift change and going back to the whole people argument We really need to do our best to convince people of the value of that. I went through I went through this a couple of years ago when I came back to the the Amadeus Organization and was focused on. You know sunsetting products right and you know again. It was not something we'd ever really done before. Like we're just GONNA keep running these products products carpeting and be happy. And there's not going to be any problems but the reality is we had to sunset products and so it was a huge evangelist evangelistic effort across the nation. Painful painful but you know the outcome has been tremendously good for the organization in terms of the revenue that we've been able to reap from transitioning customers as well as just focusing our attention more on on innovation focusing it on our cloud based products and and really helping our customers Transform their business. Yeah very good point as you said I think I t does have to be the evangelist of this technological change but not just from the technology side we have to know that but we also have to know the impact the business people on the benefits until pitfalls as you said even we have to some set the old some of the older stuff to enable us to do things and better things getting true so as an evangelist We we're gonNA feel pain as you said but we have to believe and we have to drive that thinking we have to have passion We have to believe in the story. No the message. No the journey were going on understand the destination. It's not it's security is important. Visit this nation there to destination will probably never reach but I think two fold all that into our thinking I think there is a challenging time at the moment where am i. I'm saying a change in people would nit Whether they're coming in to it today or they've been in it for twenty thirty forty years those that will survive now. Despoil of change are the ones that will start thinking like that. I'm behaving like that. Which is good to see on. People are doing that To find wounds am devops great replacement for it service management. That's come up before so I wanted to pick your brains or is it a replacements than some people believe. I don't think so. I don't think so. I think they augment each other very well exactly sure but devops is not a replacement I think devops is. I'm a big proponent of devops methodology right. We gotta be careful how we used the term to a lot of people throw devops around and means different things to different people but if you really look at what it is is that all AJI and so you know I think it works very well in tandem with it service management. Frankly I think I agree with you there to me. Their components at we knit together as you said greater. Done some of the pox. What we're aiming for. I think devops brought some new thinking in Especially with all this digital technology that so Amusing the words again. All these buzzwords. But it's so flexible and scalable. But you have to have more open a of doing things quicker five-star getting philosophy which is great but only seen case studies of replacing the service management function. Which I don't think is the way to go. Because you still need the operation side that customer service in needs transcended it from product into service goes without service. All you have is products if you don't have any way of differentiation Neva commodity. That's what I think the challenge. Maybe you have a comment on this. The challenge is seen in a lot of industries. I've spoken personally is devops has become a silo. The same way service management became a silo on a supporting. The two of them. Together is to challenge. We know they've upstairs. We note service management. This people have been doing them long enough. Now it's getting them together and I think what happens is in us as I think pretty common as that we hone in on the sexy so devops can take us to whole new levels and we forget about the IT service management part of it we forget the elements there that Help us be successful in other areas? Business Right so. I just a firm believer. And let's be really careful about over hyping certain terms and certain methodologies that are appealing to us and making show looking at the whole picture love at the whole picture their final question in this in this little quickfire 'em agile is better than waterfall product management similar to have applied. Dsm Yes no. Maybe I'M GONNA BE I'M GONNA be shot with us but I I definitely think there's a there's a place for both and I'm safe certified. You know I've gone through the training. I I believe in it. I'm a big proponent of it but you know I certainly see value Certain areas for waterfall right. And you know for instance you know we. As my team has been focused heavily on Kinda revolutionizing how? We Migrate Customers from from our legacy products to our newer products. Right yes we you know. We've realized that the way that we need to deliver it fits better in waterfall model. It just fits better so you know we. We've taken that approach now again. Our Organization our organization in many other parts of the organization. I've really tried to do adopt scaled. Agile and they've done very successfully but it doesn't work in every case so I just really challenged to take a close look at. What your outcomes. Nee Debate and figure out what methodology works the best for you. Lou? The thinking think of the outcomes them thing. The methodology thinks end results for work backwards. I'm a big proponent. The working backwards. I see that as well We see so. Many people are breaking their organizations against so agile and everything on its wo does not suit situation here in of course it will he step back and this on boarding you go. Whoa no it doesn't so yeah it's the same it's about making it relevant than having. I think having all these components that you call it as as a minute nate. Can't we're coming to the end? Final thing I any final words maybe on how digital technologies on services maybe a above and beyond. What we said are just changing. You Know Your Industry. In in general terms or yeah. I think it's huge in the hospitality space. I think it's a an untapped opportunity that you know I. It's coming our way really. You know if you really take a look at how air travel is transformed over the last ten to twenty years. You think about what you were doing you know. Even twenty ten years ago With respect to how you bought tickets and how you He utilized those tickets. And how you checked in and and even how you bought seats You know it's completely changed and in many ways for the better. It's been fantastic. Customer Service experience a experience for many individuals But it's also given the airlines awesome new revenue opportunities or you just think about not only the way that they sell. Sir Sell Sections or sell seats. But also you know well really differentiating those seats based on location on the plane How much legroom. They have You know and also just having the ability to to select a seat when you buy your ticket right. It seems pretty basic. But they're using those those opportunities to drive new revenue into their business which is fantastic so the hospitality business is is at the emphasis stage here. But there's tremendous opportunity and tremendous upside with respect to You know transforming digitally leveraging the cloud leveraging solution providers such as US and others others out there too but such as us that really are trying to integrate a lot of these products and enable them to do many of the same types of things that the airline industry has has been doing for a decade key integration there as well and the opportunity is phenomenal. I think maybe in the IT world that we exist in as well is if we can get more into knowing the technologies and from a business perspective trying to help the business understand how we might be able to solve a customer challenges today or solve challenges that have yet to come up which is true opportunity going forward. That's Great Okay Ken. Ken Wilson from Amadeus. It groups. Thank you very much for joining us on today. Ccc Talks Mark. Thank you so much.

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