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A rally in want to go at the players of the national football league to me that was acid by yes might mass my personal opinion but now as a league if you're saying okay we're going to show solidarity we're going to lock arms as brothers and we're going to go and support this let's not forget about the reason why this happened in the first yes yes is four yes pool right it's social change that's why yes and to me i think what is happening now all of a sudden the brain was attacked do and because the brand was attack all you know what i gotta joining with my brothers unless lockhart argued i didn't see mr khan owner of the jazz wires supporting colin kaepernick in the movement when it was just about social change bright and equality for all exactly i didn't see uh the owner of the atlanta falcons mr blank without are the down there were his guys down there when it that was just the message yvonne either mao owner jeffrey lourdes he may con lives just about above barbecue a couple of weeks ago a dogan colin kaepernick that he would have always take all of a sudden the president for some reason goes to this rallying calls the players s obese all were now availed it up being mean realized what my money now yes oh we brother now break no it was it wasn't so what the sob was the wakeup call yes the the ball in shave note the warriors really hiv viral a whole row was when you see so body neely walkout yes what will walk out right you know as lesley loser bollywood actuality if they have a stadium you got your where you got your money iraq over there so i just look at the same bothers me because you would have the right direction it bothers me when when the whole purpose overalls when colin kaepernick start this a year ago in the message that was said it seemed like everybody had their prejudgement already on collar carefully because of.

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