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About is that every time we talk about mowing we're not talking about something else in there i think there are a lot more things that are incredibly important about this administration about then about this political moment uh that are not the muller investigation masha gessen and adrian chen thank you both some water we really appreciate it thank you thank you they both right for the new yorker and they were talking about why they believe the story of russian election interference has been overblown this is npr news what are we go wants to open charter schools even asked struggles to recover from hurricane maria unions say the government is taking advantage of the chaos to privatize the system officials disagree they don't think this future generation of puerto rico has any more time to wait i have an obligation to do something to improve this system that story this afternoon on all things considered from npr news the story earned kqed news all today starting at four thirty good morning i'm rachel martin the onion recently published in peace with following headline cleveland finishes construction anew elevated sewer system it's described as a quote one of a kind openair wastewater transportation system accompanied by a gross fake photo of brown liquid sloshing out of an open trough running through downtown clevelanders weren't amused maybe because it turned out the article was partially true city officials pointed out on twitter the city actually has to elevated sewers it's morning edition maybe you are sloshing around a bid on the freeways a look at traffic and transit this morning joe with the latest you sliding around and probably having hard time seeing in the sierra winter.

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