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Were then dismembered at the joints and decapitated their heads were placed on pikes and their bodies tossed into a mass grave in the town of tie burn the heads were placed top westminster abbey charles the second order that cromwell's head always remain up there untouched as a reminder to those who would dare oppose the monarch how gruesome to think after death your body dragged through the mud and monk then put unto split day only to be cut apart and tossed aside yes it was truly horrific this practice of decapitation and pike ing was along practice tradition heads of the deceased have long been placed on the tops of castles and other major monuments it was meant as a scare tactic to keep people in line while also displaying power and conquest in this case it was a visible marker of king charles the seconds return to the throne and the destruction of cromwell's republic believe it or not the london bridge was one of the main sites used to place severed heads some notable people whose heads were piked include simon frazier thomas more and john murphy however oliver cromwell's head is the only one that ever notably disappeared assuming it was cromwell's head as this went on rumors began to circulate that the head and body displayed in london weren't actually oliver cromwell's there are multiple theories that cromwell's body was switched out with someone else's the first theory is that cromwell had his body switched out with that of king charles the first this theory comes from one of king charles the seconds parliamentary administrators samuel peeps peeps wrote a story claiming that cromwell head exumed several old tombs of britain's monarchy moving their corpses to destinations unknown it is because of this rumor that peop suspected that cromwell supporters switched out his corpse with charles the first since he occupied the role of the monarchy in everything but name oliver cromwell would have had access to all the royal tombs so he could've easily moved king charles the first corpse or after oliver cromwell's death his son richard who succeeded him could have access charles the first corpse.

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