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It claims that killed plans to sell most of its campuses to education corporation of America, which should self is also shutting down the accrediting commission of career schools and colleges revoked veterans accreditation. This year. The commission says the school failed to quote, demonstrate successful student achievement battery-operated campuses in Fairview heights, Berkeley, Saint Charles and sunset hills as well as the local culinary institute. Students and staff were told to gather their things Monday and leave campus. Some Saint Louis county municipal police departments would disappear measure coming before the state legislature in two thousand nineteen the measure would require smaller towns Macau d to disband their police departments. The measure would require those towns to contract for law enforcement. Services with the county or larger county towns that measure would not take affect for five years. He's affected would be those with a population less than five thousand or less than two square miles, even before Ferguson for years there've been legislative efforts to address the Miramonte of smaller communities in Saint Louis county from the state capital, Phil Brooks, NewsRadio eleven twenty more. Prosecutors in the Saint Louis county prosecuting attorney's office had voted to join a police union prosecutors and investigators voted by secret ballot entered the Saint Louis police officers association the association did not release the vote count that vote comes two weeks before. Ferguson attorney Wesley bell takes over Saint Louis county's prosecuting attorney the Saint Louis police officers association covers police officers in the city of Saint Louis clear skies are forecast overnight with low twenty nine mostly sunny Tuesday with a high fifty four I'm Alex bregman. Kmox news..

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