United States, Congress, CNN discussed on Anderson Cooper 360 - Washington Post: Sessions discussed Trump campaign-related matters with Russian Ambassador, per U.S. intercepts of Russian discussions; Manafort, Trump Jr. reach Senate deal to avoid public hearing; Sean Spicer resigns as White House Press Secretary


Seems or at least as attorneys don't want him to i'm going to come to their defense here uh first of all that the congress of the united states the reserved the right to call these people into public sessions and into a further hearing uh normal investigative practice often dictates that you do wanna pre interview them uh is it you'd ordering to have a free energy it very yes grandstanding analogy not only that you can learn some things they're also isn't oath involved probably you can also be in contempt of congress if you don't cooperator there are all kinds of ways that they're they're repercussions that can be brought upon the witnesses they can be brought into public session and i would hope and expect that they would be after these private sessions but more important than that they too have rights they have fifty rights uh they it's understandable they might want to avoid a public glare at least until they've had an opportunity to say that night drilling at high who would want to stay audit they ought to eventually publicly testify but i let's see what they have to offer i i think that their rights need to be respected when we come back the big shakeup in the white house staffing find it who's inwho's out what it means neck thank you for listening to the cnn podcast in order to better serve you we are conducting short survey to help us please go to cnn dot com slash podcast survey and to get more podcast from us just search cnn cnni i tunes or your favorite podcast app.

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