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Eats asked us on instagram if we could record this and we are definitely going to try i'm gonna put dj dave on that and maybe we can broadcast it as a future episode then on thursday february 15th from five to seven pm radio cherry bomb is hosting a book signing with tyrrell guy author of the new cookbook black girl baking which just dropped on tuesday congratulate congratulations draw that's a really big deal the book signing will take place at smith canteen which just happens to be the coffee shop i own and carol gardens brooklyn come by to meet your l get a copy of her book and try some of her big goods it's going to be a really fun time than in march i'll be at the charleston wine and food festival hosting a few events and doing a special live session of radio cherry bomb with a few of our favorite chefs if you are going to the festival diem me it's one of the nicest food oh dear miette carry balm that's maya instagram handle it's one of the nicest food festivals around and charge austin is such a great food city right now you should definitely consider going we had a blast in charleston in december for our cookbook party with nicky and lindsey and fill the hosts of fnb radio i really can't wait to go back and see everybody and if you haven't listened to fnb radio check out that show it's one of my favorite podcasts that just binged listened to all the back episodes the other day apps could really not stop laughing their hilarious all right so without further delay our next guest is angela garbage it's founder of goldenrod pastries a shop in lincoln nebraska yes angela is here live today all the way from lincoln nebraska and her shop caters to those not just with a passion for pastry alliteration they're not just a passion for pastry but a variety of dietary restrictions goldenrod is not your typical pastry shop it began as a blog and today is an all women establishment when angela opened the doors she was the sole employee but that did not last for long as she will soon explain if you want to start drooling or get some baking inspiration be sure.

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