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And spend the evening together. As nights set in and passion, abated Rosanna grew freed. She didn't want to return, home and face. Her father Johnson agreed to take her to the Hatfield home. He promised that he would marry her and that everything would be all right, Dev. Lance Hatfield didn't mind having Rosanna stay with the family. But by most accounts, he strongly objected to a son marrying a McCoy. Meanwhile, Randolph McCoy was furious. He sent Rosanna several messages demanding that she returned home Rosanna refused holding out hope that John would marry her. But he didn't either he wouldn't defy his father or he didn't want to be tied down after a few months. Rosanna finally left the Hatfield homestead and return to her family by that time, she was pregnant being pregnant and unmarried wasn't the end of the world. Puritanism didn't run as deep in the southern mountains as it did in the northeastern part of the country. There weren't many churches in the undeveloped wilderness of Kentucky and West Virginia. And it wasn't uncommon for couples to start a life together before they had a chance to make it to the alter the community might not have judged Rosanna. Unfortunately. Her father did Randolph kicked her out of the house. She moved in with a widowed aunt about half a mile up the river, although Johnny Hatfield didn't marry Rosanna. He still wanted to see her. The couple continued to meet secretly in the woods when Randolph heard about this. He sent his sons Tolbert farmer and Jim to put a stop to it. Roseanne has brothers were all too happy to interrupt the couple's clandestine. Rendezvous Tolbert had gotten himself deputized and he arrested Johnny for carrying a concealed weapon. It was a dubious charge given that most men of the area never left the house without a firearm. But the McCoy's didn't care they carry Johnny off intending to take him to the pike. Ville jail Rosanna was terrified that her brothers might kill jonky. She ran to the nearby farm of her neighbor and cousin Tom staffer. Heard. She borrowed a horse and race Bareback to the hatfields farm where she called on devil. Lance to rescue his son. Deva? Lance gathered up a posse of Hatfield brothers sons and nephews the group use shortcuts to intercept the McCoy's on the road to bike Ville, outnumbered. Rosanna 's brothers were forced to give up their captive relations between Rosanna and John C soured soon after. In the spring of eighteen eighty one he began to pursue a different McCoy Rosanna sixteen year old cousin Nancy unlike Rosanna Nancy didn't have a father to criticize the match. She was the daughter of harm in McCoy the union soldier who had been murdered by the Logan. Wildcats in eighteen sixty five not long before Nancy was born Nancy's mother, Patty, however did oppose the marriage as the wife of in McCoy and sister of Perry Cline. She had more reason than anyone to hate the hatfields. The Nancy was a headstrong girl and she married John C in may of eighteen eighty one without her mother's approval that seems spring Rosanna gave birth to her baby. A daughter named Sarah, Elizabeth tragically the infant died after contracting measles. Than pneumonia. At just eight months old for months afterward Rosanna would spend hours each day sitting by the baby's grave. She would never have any more children, and she would never marry. This time of grief was also a time of relative calm between the families. But by the next election day on August eighth. Eighteen eighty two tempers flared once again. As they had done two years prior dozens of members of the Hatfield and McCoy families gathered at the polling grounds, and blackberry district. Everyone seemed to be in high spirits, Tom Stafford who had family connections to both the hatfields and the mccoys was on the ballot. That day folks were eager to support him, many of them accordingly were also relieved to discover that the most despised members of the Hatfield clan had stayed home, including devil, Lance and his son Johnny the mccoys had every reason to enjoy the festivities but Randolph McCoy's twenty eight year old son Tolbert was in a dark mood. Tolbert was described as one of the most hot tempered members of the McCoy family. He became particularly angry when he drink that day alcohol was flowing freely. Apple jack. And corn liquor. There may have also been a genetic basis for Tolbert's frequent bouts of fury. Many modern day descendants of the McCoy family have been diagnosed with on hippo endow disease. This rare genetic disorder causes tumors in the adrenal gland, which can then cause the body to produce excess adrenaline if Randolph son suffered from the same disease. They may have been frequently overloaded with fight or flight hormones and easily provoked a trivial thing set Tolbert off he accused a Hatfield relative of owing him money for fiddle. He'd sold him the men began to argue Ellison Hatfield arrived to stop the fight. Ellison. The well liked confederate war hero back to St. gin and respectable brother of devil. Aunts might have been successful. But the mccoys were still angry at Ellison specifically for. For testifying against squirrel, hunting Sam and Paris McCoy in their trial for murdering Bill Stayton. Of course, they were also still angry at all the hatfields collectively for Johnny Hatfield treatment of Rosanna and his seduction of Nancy for fully tat fields victory in the hog trial for devil lances possession of Perry clients property and for the Logan Wildcats murder of in McCoy, according to some accounts. Ellison try to defuse the situation with humor he took off his straw hat and offered it Tolbert in lieu of the price for the fiddle. He said that it would at least give Tolbert something feed. Cows humorless. Tolbert shouted back. I'm hell on earth. Ellison replied, your damn hog Tolbert's pride could not withstand. One more insult. He pulled out his Jack knife and stabbed Ellison through the ribs. Ellison was hurt. But. He managed to pull out his own blade and slashed at Tolbert's head. The knife glanced across Tolbert's ear at that point. Ellison lost his grip on the knife. He began attacking with his fists. He was bigger than Tolbert and would have had a good chance of overpowering him in a fair fight. But Tolbert still had his knife. Tolbert began to stab Ellison again. And again. Tolbert's brother Bill McCoy briefly entered the fray to stab Ellison with his own blade, then he ran off into the woods Tolbert. Kept stabbing and one of the blows Pierce through Ellison stomach puncturing his liver. Ellison Hatfield desperately grasped in nearby rock and lifted it up and tending to bash Tolbert's goal at that point another McCoy brother farmer grabbed a pistol and shot Ellison in the back. Ellison went still as he collapsed. He muttered I'm shot and shot for dead. Tolbert suddenly came to a census he dropped his weapon as a number of angry Hatfield, surrounded him and farmer. The also grabbed eighteen year old bud McCoy who hadn't even joined his brothers in the fight. Perhaps. They mistook him for his older brother Bill who had jabbed Ellison with his pocket knife before disappearing into the woods the rest of the hatfields fashioned stretcher out of an old blanket and used it to carry the badly wounded Ellison Hatfield to a nearby house to receive medical attention preacher, Anse, Hatfield, the blackberry district. Justice of the peace instructed, a pair of constables to take Tolbert farmer and bud McCoy to the pike Ville jail Randolph McCoy, accompanied them. Anticipating he'd need to hire a lawyer for his sons defense. It was a twenty five mile journey and dangerous to travel the narrow ridges and mountain paths after dark so the party stopped to rest for the night before continuing the journey the next morning by then Deva, Lance had heard what happened to his brother. Ellison. He went to Kentucky at daybreak where Ellison was still clinging to his life despite the twenty six knife wounds and one bullet hole that martis torso Deva, Lance, then gathered up all the hatfields and family supporters. He could they set off to find the constables transferring the McCoy's to prison devil, lances older brother wall Hatfield found them. I he explained to Randolph McCoy and the constables that he wanted them to return to the blackberry district. He felt that as a practical matter the charges should be brought in the district where the crime had taken place. Whoa. Wall was about to take custody over the men when devil. Lance arrived with his posse. Wall had been trying to act as the rational law man, but Ellison was his brother to when devil Anse commanded all hatfields to fall in mine while relented and let devil Anse take charge. They loaded the prisoners onto a corn sled. Terrified for his sons Randolph McCoy took off for pike Ville, still hopeful that he might find a lawyer there to assist them. Devil. Lance and his posse drag the prisoners across the tug fork river into West Virginia and marched them to an empty ramshackle schoolhouse a mile from the river Bank. They waited their guns pointed at the three McCoy brothers as messengers wind back and forth to get updates on Ellison hatfields condition. Bud McCoy shivered and terror. He was only eighteen he barely understood why he was supposed to hate the hatfields. He hadn't even participated in the stabbing or shooting of Ellison Hatfield. It had been his brother's Tolbert farmer and Bill he knew that devil. Aunts had sons of his own some about buds age. He prayed that the old Hatfield patriarch which show him some mercy. But as he listened to the Hatfield joke about lynching and speculate about the most painful place to shoot a prisoner. He began to lose hope than mercy was on anyone's mind daylight was fading eerie shadows filled the schoolhouse, but tried to choke back his rising panic he heard someone approaching from outside. He looked fearfully up as the door. Swung open to. His astonishment. He saw his mother Sarah McCoy standing in the entryway, she looked more terrified than he felt Fifty-three-year-old Serra McCoy had come to Bank for the lives of her sons. She had brought Tolbert's wife Mary and their four month old baby Cora with her the women drop to their knees and front of Deva, Lance and wall, the pleaded with the hatfields to release their kin Sarah didn't try to excuse her son's attack on Ellison Hatfield, but she argued that they should be tried a affair court of law. According to witnesses devil. Anse was unmoved by the women's attempts to reason with him. He simply told them you needn't beg, and you needn't cry if Ellison dies, you boys has got to die. Thanks

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