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Do you have sixers Miami? 6 years in sex, at all times in every place with no doubt. One of my best buddies is a he fan. We've been talking about this for a long time. I think the sixers can beat them. I earnestly do with that said, I do love rooting for playoff Jimmy. And he has vindicated in many of his sixers opinions from years past. And so it's a win for the sixers, or it's a win for Ben solax opinions about the sixers and 2019. Well, what a night for you. It really was. The eagle sixers, it doesn't get much better than that as a Cabo. I was so grateful during that like ten, 11, 12, 13 pick, like all the trades were happening, eagles were moving up because that was like fourth quarter of the game. And if I had to be double screening, I think my head would burst. So it was very nice to just fully lock in on the trades, fully lock into the lines moving up and not have to worry about the sixers blowing a 20 point lead. So we're not at home. You only blow 26 point leads in your home. That's the thing. All right, you can read Ben solak on the ringer dot com. You can hear him on the ringer NFL show. Sometimes on the ringer gambling show as well. Good to see you as always. Thanks so much, Bill. All right, we're taping this part of the podcast. It's a little after 7 o'clock PT just had two basketball games. A third one is happening right now. The NFL Draft is happening. Now, my TVs are exploding. This is a great time. First game sucked the Philly game. We'll talk about that in a second. Second game was New Orleans. The feel good first round loser of this year. Pushing Phoenix as far as they could take them. Devin Booker even came back Phoenix barely wins in the final minute, some unbelievable Chris Paul, the pelicans go home. Rob Mahoney, what stood out to you about game 6? That's a hell of a party favor to take home if you're the pelicans. You know, I think every year there's a team that is young and kind of bad in the middle of the season and we're wondering, should they tank for a draft pick? Should they make a push for the playoffs? And I hope you remember this pelicans team when this happens next year with some other team because they're going to the next season with a lot of juice with a lot of confidence. They played a hell of a series. My friend Kevin wild's on Twitter compared it to the bubbles, the bubble suns. Two years ago. And you know, even though they didn't even make the playoffs that year, they laid some sort of a foundation that convinced them to trade for Chris Paul. And a year later they were in the finals. KSC, you see any similarities with that? Absolutely, because now they're going to be in a situation to where they're Chris Paul. You would hope is going to be Zion Williamson with him coming back if he's able to get in the big if here, but if Zion could get in the best shape of his life and return to the court to a team that has now defensive enforcers like herb Jones on that end of the floor, when is the last time we've seen a rookie play at his level on the defensive end with CJ McCollum granted it wasn't a great series for him. If you get CJ McCollum as the third option between bataan Ingram and Zion, that offense is gonna be far more significantly difficult to stop on what for defense. And so, I mean, for Zion, it all comes down to health. That goes without saying. But it seems like I'm not sure if you've heard anything about this bill, but I don't think New Orleans wanted to bring him back because they still want him to actually get back into the best shape of his life before risking further injury with a condition he's in now, but that's my impression from the people I've talked to. Well, he's not in shape. I mean, you can do it from him on the sidelines. If we're going to extend the bubble sun's comparisons, maybe he could go on a plant based diet like Chris Paul did because Chris Paul basically changed his career when he got in a crazy level of shape. Tonight was unbelievable. I mean, the stuff he's doing, I don't really even know how to have perspective on this older athlete stuff. You know, I think once Brady had the falcons come back, that was when everybody's brain just started to kind of break with this stuff. LeBron was going to win the scoring title this year for a little bit there. Brady's still winning playoff games. And it's just throwing me off, but the one thing we always kind of knew was that aging point guards, rob. Just weren't supposed to be getting better. There was a point in this game when him and 8 had made 16 of 16 shots to start the game. And at the end, he did everything. He had the alley oop, he's setting up Booker. It was just dagger after dagger. I got to say offensively, I think this is as good as he's been his whole career. I know that's a crazy thing to say. But that's how I feel. I was there for his whole career. I.

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