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If we're going to heal this country. Then we we've got to see transformative changes in our education economic healthcare in criminal justice systems and That means. In my judgment. Our president. Our next president has to see that every child regardless of where they're born into whom the color of their skin, their economic status whether they're immigrants are whether they are citizens that every child is able to reach their God, given potential through education that means two things. One, we've got to have free early learning for every child. And secondly we've got to offer free higher education for every student who stays in school stays out of trouble and makes certain grades. They don't have to go to college, but they can get higher. Education are training, so they can get a better job or they can go on to be an engineer. To fix the economic system. We've got to have more and better jobs not to have you know. NEW NEW uses for renewable energy to combat climate crisis. We've got to. We've got to create jobs. For All. These people who have been. Displaced by krona virus. There are many jobs that this country needs done that. The country needs to pay for in that as we've got to have a president, who is going to face up to the fact that it is wrong when one percent on fifty percent of the wealth of three families, rather fifty percent of the wealth and one percent ninety two percent. And when when large companies pay no taxes at all, so we've got to have a president who is going to fix our tax system for for decades? We've been told that it's the immigrants in. It's the welfare. Mothers is the people on government programs that are dragging down the middle class. Taxpayers know is some middle class taxpayers that are footing the bill for the one percent, so we've got to reverse that in our next president has addressed this issue, and then we live in the richest country in the world, and no one should go to bed. Hungry homeless without healthcare healthcare must be a right for every American and you know it doesn't matter whether you are. Know whether you're poor whether you've got mental or physical disabilities or whether you are in prison. You know this country is big enough and strong enough to take care of you, so we we need to make some changes and we can do it. We can, if we work hard enough and long enough in this for this election in two thousand and twenty, if if the people on the streets will. Will, after they protest will will come back and we'll work if they will find a candidate. A local candidate or steak, candidate or presidential candidate in whom they believe in trust in worked for them and help them get elected. We can change the way things happened in this country. If we elect a good mayor, they will appoint a police chief. If we elect a good governor, they will appoint a good prison commissioner. If we elect good president, they will appoint good US attorneys judges, but it is up to us as citizens to to make this kind of change happen. We can make this country what it should be, but you know. We just gotTA DIG in and. We gotta do it. Governor Don Siegelman thank you so much on behalf of my listeners because I don't really speak for more people, but number one I. Thank you for all the work you've done and for everything you stand for and number two. I apologize for letting you down. Because what happened to you should never have happened, and we should have been able to do something about it. Instead we stood by feeling helpless for years, and you served a very long prison sentence for doing nothing wrong and. And that's a travesty of everybody needs to read this book and share. It I. Hope Your I hope you're doing a lot of press I hope every talk show. Has You on because people need to know your story and we need to make sure that in this case history does not repeat itself Don Siegelman you're you're at national treasure and I? Thank you I I'm I'm I'm so honored that you chose to speak with us about this and spent so much time to go through what happened? The goal, thank you. I look forward to listening to your program watching your youtube. The next opportunity thank you so much and we will talk again. Please stay in touch. Our will. Thank. You Take Care bye-bye. and with that we're done Don Siegelman what what a what a treat what a pleasure he is and just think of. What was possible if he had not been the target of Karl Rove and the Bush administration just think where we'd be today if Don Siegelman had run for president in two thousand four. I think about it often. all right with that. We come to the end of another week up Monday. We've got another music Monday. Program with a wonderful artist named Jonathan Brooke, so we'll do our usual news and information at the beginning, and then yeah, we will enjoy some music because we need a break from a lot of this craziness that. Goes on in our world. Thank you for listening everyone. Thanks for sticking around for the overtime I think you'll agree. It was worth it today. have a great weekend. I will see you back here on Monday Thank you again for listening..

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