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Now the WGN forecast. Here's Tom skilling. Jodi has been another cool day second consecutive day where we feel to get out of the twenty s we had lows his lowest one. Above last night out in Roselle went down to nine up in Kenosha and also want Keegan we have some warming on the way and that warmer air is overrunning the retreating cooler producing some light snow out in Iowa. It'll be in here later tonight and early tomorrow, then extended period of cloudy skies with a wet storms and strong winds coming in here on Saturday that in combination with melting snow and above freezing temperatures could that time produced some flooding, but that's days away yet tonight, clouds lower and thickened some light snow develops. Overnight. Temperatures remain nearly steady in the low and mid twenty s Thursday, some light snow early. Then cloudy, not quite as cold could be a furrier sprinkle from time to time high of thirty six tomorrow, that's ten degrees above where we've been today at twenty six Thursday night and Friday remains cloudy, a flurry or a bit of drizzle or freezing drizzle possible at times lows Thursday night twenty-six Fridays, high approaching forty then sanity, rainy, windy should. Flooding possible. The rain will turn more showery precipitation in the afternoon other off and on high of forty five on Saturday and Sunday, cloudy, arrange snow shower possible. It'll start around forty six and lower to the upper thirty s or low forties from the WGN weather center. I'm Tom skilling Judy. Thank you, Tom. It is twenty five degrees at O'Hare, midway twenty-six Roselle twenty-five. It's twenty six degrees along Chicago's lakefront. Winter southwest five miles an hour. The barometer is falling. I'm.

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