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Park towards Newton corner again from one twenty eight up to the state police barracks in for ninety five south is stopping the route nine down to the turnpike from an earlier issue there up north one twenty eight north crawling past winter street then you're back in it after re three up to ninety three about twenty five minutes there southbound is stop and go passing route three and then route to down into Waltham downtown the lower decks on its way to wheezing out I can see now the Tobin outbound is back on to the loop ramp the lever connectors tied up both ways my king with WBZ's traffic on the freeze on the super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes was brought to you by the salvation army let's get right to the forecast here's John fear very cold for tonight mostly cleared out of twenty one in downtown Boston teens to most of the suburbs and borrow not as harsh sun mixing with clouds of the forty two see a little bit of rain tomorrow night especially near and south the mass pike hello tomorrow night thirty six of spades above freezing the rain lingering early on to the south of the city will move on out in clouds go to some sunshine a mile where afternoon on Friday to fifty three and chillier again Saturday and Sunday AM accu weather's John fear WBZ Boston's news radio I'll we're in the twenties in central Massachusetts right now western Europe Chile twenty one degrees those northwest winds feels like the teens though take down a little bit warmer not by much thirty one at the tip he town and in Boston right now we're seeing some stars little bit of moon shine out there it's twenty seven it's amazing what the value of a used vehicle has only human life consider donating your vehicle to the salvation army the pick it up at no charge and give you an IRS approved receipt your generosity provides new direction for those struggling with alcohol and other drugs call eight hundred SA truck or visit SA truck dot org six twenty five checking New England business news tonight the impeachment inquiry on Capitol Hill could be known as the impeachment distraction for people at work and bosses could be watching money walked out the door outplacement firm challenger gray and Christmas expects that productivity losses could top two billion dollars for every hour workers are watching DC and are not focused on their jobs let's get more local business news with Bloomberg's Karen Moscow Woburn bass guy work solutions reported fourth quarter results that just beat expectations and gave a revenue forecast that was in line with the consensus view by many firms raise their price targets on the wireless semiconductor company in the wake of the results with most citing an expected to tail wind from five G. related growth next year the quarter was seen as quote underwhelming in the words of Morgan Stanley have you been missing this guy bar than listen up the Sudbury owner of duck soup which bought this guy bar branded neck those.

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