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Kent beck is a legendary figure in the world of software engineering. Kent was an early advocate of test driven development or t d and he popularized the idea of writing unit tests before writing code that could satisfy those unit tests a unit test isolates and tests a small piece of functionality within a large piece of software practitioners of test driven development right tens or hundreds of tests in order to cover a large variety of cases that could potentially occur within their software when kent beck joined facebook in two thousand eleven. He was fifty years old and he thought he had seen everything. In the software industry. During facebook bootcamp kent started to realize that facebook was very different than any other company. He had seen facebook boot. Camp is the six week on boarding process that every new hire learns about the software practices of the company through after graduating from facebook. Bootcamp can't begin to explore facebook's codebase and culture. He found himself rethinking. Many of the tenants of software engineering that he had previously thought were immutable. Kent joins the show to discuss his time at facebook and how the company's approach to building and scaling products thoroughly reshaped his beliefs about software engineering. Today's show is sponsored by strong. Dm if you're working from home managing gazillion ssh database passwords and coober. Nettie search is difficult. Meet strong dm. You can manage an audit access to servers databases and kuban. Eddie's clusters no matter where your employees are with strong..

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