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Listen it's horrible radio for years. Yes it should be closely jane the funky bunch and you want to listen to that. No so you entertained in the morning. Why are you being detained in the morning. 'cause i always say this i want you to get your your beverage ready. Barbie call people sit down. They prepare for the show for sure they do. I don't know. I feel it in spirit. Get coffee tea. You water your juice. You sold or whatever you drink in the morning. Maybe glass of wine angry. I know what you're doing and you huddle up and you enjoyed the show. You don't give a damn about good morning america. You don't give a damn about nothing. You don't give a damn about your local news station and you'll give a damn about no radio station you so if you're here with us i know damn well you know at least five four people and if you don't know five more people than some personal inventory gotta take for yourself because if you don't have three points is a problem and i don't meet friends associated somebody can say. Hey you know what this what. We're doing it in the morning. I want you to join in your party now. His face to of that bobby klein. This is where you get your love this will you you you love for the morning. This is an old acis of love. Everyone does deficit of love out there with a lot of folks. Maybe some folks in a chat room maybe with me. But i know if i'm finding out that i have a deficit of love today. There's something going on in my life. I'm here near year. And then hopefully by ten o'clock i got enough love to keep me through the day. That's what you get to barbie here. Everybody hit those stars please. While i'm busting my ass. Guess what the third thing that happens bobby. He's going to say that's why you get your clean clean. How she's here. My goal is to keep talking about yourself. Don't put me in that gate and if you are the dyal about your gillet being cleaned every tell you something right now. Boy see because i'm here to clean your gilead pause. Lotta yell out. The gillard is overflowing if that it is. It's the magic y'all below your stomach above your rectum where you wall is store rotten hate. You need a flushed out. That's what happens here as well. You get a three four one not even a combo. You get a combo plus one here on this show. Did you wanna start a right. Bingo you get the love that you'd from your family members of your friend is wanted. Maybe you just walked out the house. You couldn't even say anything you walked out you put on your car on and nobody gave you love you. Check your social media page. It's the same post them last night. You're reading the same polls from last night. If you're doing that did you need to be here and you get your guilty cleaned. During a get on a throwback thursday everyone so welcome to the show. I'm gonna say it. All the time is three three items euclid here on his show. Well it started right. Get their love and you can kill clean and then you come back tomorrow. Do is say because barbecue is daily maintenance. Well because you don't know at any given time of the day or in your life you kill it a fill all of a sudden. There's a lot. I hate deficit a love. It can happen at any moment of the day so today. We're here together as a family extended new listeners. Our beloved on a throwback thursday. Will you get your morning started right now. It back sunday night lasts from status. And then we'll go right to the we gotta do 'cause bar we've got a very interesting story the barbie. It's going to be seen show a couple of sunday night. Labs is going down. Sunday april eighteenth. At the i am bill was located. I'm is located eight. Thirty one south delaware drive in pennsylvania was open five pm showtime six new your king towns in the building komo now. We have a lot of people coming out so come on. Let's have a guitar hosted. By boy sean harvey. You'll come on out. Dj hassles playing music. Feel good music Sundays the new saturday night now. Fast forward right to costa rica had a great conversation with the promoted. Leslie and boy. We have four. We wanna stop. What you get vaccinated. Hurry up get vaccinated. Come on everybody chat room. We'll just chop it up with each other to finish doing all this and then we get into the show folks in oregon chopping up. Say good morning. You're huddled cam. Say good morning to you know. Have your pay me. No mind way because you know what i'm saying. Show if that's case huddle up a is going to be a lot going on in costa rica. i can't even tell you right now stamped. I know everything that's going down. Even listen guys. It is not too late. Hit me. Five zero nine hundred sixty nine hundred zero. I'll send you the link and Come down to costa rica. when you your first question you act. So we heard from his show. Hobby wanna show sean harvey so we could get the credit. Pays the bills here and come on down to. Costa rica has july twenty second to twenty six. Which change in lives down there. Barbie some of your outfits ready do i may. I made a couple of them already awesome. I step will be one of a kind from barbie. Cologne design swim. That yes i listen here. Although i don't know how to swim crazy behind in the polls and the water. But i be it right. You'd be in the know about here. Well before you're gonna i of costa rica come on down. Get your officer. Bobby if you If you can get in the water with sin that link costa rica's going down july twenty six twenty six veneta. No girl word of said. I hope it's not hot weather. No heavy materials. I say oh no in close okay. If you can get into a lot of folks. And i get a lot of folks who don't don't swim. I get that and we all go out to these places in Especially as black folks and this is true as facts. We don't go win it at work. We go by it like you said you go. In waist high take some flakes and that foolishness jumping. Were arrested my life..

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