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What are you thankful for thanksgiving's coming up, I'm thankful for many of the Star Trek films. Which Susanna, and I are watching an order right now. All right. That's pretty good. That's pretty good. I'm thankful for gritty. And assorted mascot shenanigans across the country like the newly inaugurated Amarillo sand but sand poodle Saad poodles what they're called. And I love of it does we're going to overdo. It's a podcast books. Even meaning to read. My name is Craig my name's Andrew, and we're thankful for you, the listener for being thankful for you, the listener, we're excited to share another week of literature in laughs with you. As we talk about books that we this month have read before and are talking about inter what's the deal with remember November. Tell you mean what the deal is with the we are breaking the one rule of the show. Which is we are reading books that we have each read in the past. Now, this might have been in school. This might have been like extracurricular. But it's it's a chance for us to revisit things that we wanted to talk about for the show, but have read already and so haven't been able to without you know, without breaking them rules. Yes. And some cases like I don't wanna make Craig read the wheel of time. It's just easier. This way, you'd make me read all of them. But it sounds like you're gonna make yourself read all of them now. So jour-jour is still out on that. I did by the second one. But that's still like a far cry from buying all fourteen of them. So. Okay. So this week I read Nella Larsen's passing which was published in nineteen twenty nine. That's right, yet ninety nine hundred twenty nine this is our second novel or I novel quicksand came out in nineteen twenty eight sure. And this was a book, I remember reading I don't think it was middle school because the book takes a turn at the end that I don't think I would have read a middle school. But I definitely read it in school, and it's like been a like an early twentieth century American novel that has just been like rattling around in my brain since I read it, even though I don't re- reading it. I didn't remember though, like specifics of the relationship is this is this your thing where where you read it, and you didn't know that you got it. And so now you wanna come back to it. That's kind of how I approach the great Gatsby last year. When I read it. Yes. Complete. I definitely didn't like it at the time. But coming back to it. I understand. Yeah. I think so it's set in the twenties. We'll talk a little bit more about and roaring twenties is about the concept of passing black people of the time passing for white people of the time though, it can be. It's not just apply. Anybody twos passing for white? Yes. And I remember it more as a like historical novel, like a social studies ish novel and sure not a like work of literature, which I certainly reading it now like, yeah. That's I mean, that's it has it has some trappings of of twenties and thirties novels just in terms of con- what it's doing with characters and how it is engaging with its setting, but it's all about setting yet because I can see how it would be like reading it in school would be kind of social studies e book because it is. Nella Larsen is like part of the Harlem renaissance or like part of that movement, though, that movement is very large and messy and not necessarily totally located in Harlem rent, correct? But but that movement was very involved with the civil rights movement at the time so institutions like the end Alesi P, and I have a full list here the national urban league, the brotherhood of sleeping car porters, which is a black labor union with an excellent name. That's great and other groups, sure. So yeah, it's it's been interesting to go back to it. So let's talk about Noah Larson, real quick. She was born in eighteen ninety one in Chicago born Nellie Walker her father. They think like we believe was an immigrant from the Danish West Indies fro Caribbean found. Yeah. And her mother was a Danish immigrant, and he likes skipped out on them pretty early..

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