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Toyota let's go places, given the fact Cassie and J. B that Memphis lost a Portland already today. The Blazers win 1 40 to 1 35 in overtime. Sure, Dallas hang on and beat Houston tonight. The Mavericks guys would clinch a playoff spot. Send it back to you in Orlando is James Harden, trying to shake off the cobwebs. Yeah, he kept he was down for a long time during that commercial break, got up and was still staggered, made his way to the Houston ventured as they come to play. He's staying in the game. Here's Westbrook. Driving hard on the whistle is Dantchev tried to block him near the rim. Luca will be called for the personal foul. That'll be number three on him. Crustal Russian. This is You can't guard me. Impossible. 7 47 ago I saw them mixed exchange High five in the game. It didn't seem like a lot of love there, right Couple start writing each other. The All Star game. Right. Well remember a couple years ago. There's some question with Russell Westbrook and some of his own teammates on those Western Conference All Star and struggling with the grief. 90 run. For the Houston Rockets within 2 93 92 93 91 score. Hardaway's floater got eight shots, 24 points on a field goal. Outstanding for Rick Carlisle, the Mavericks this year. Russell Westbrook gauging Don tips didn't get the shock at his own rebound finds an open Jeff Green in the corner for three, Ms Long rebound, chased down by giving the heart away quickly sets up shop on the right wing gets to the elbows jumps it up Miss House with rebound for the Rockets. We crossed seven minutes to go. James Harden looks back to full speed drops a dime down low extra pass out of the corner. Green banks home of three on the Rockets now are only down a point. Like unselfishness. He's had a chance to take some shots that he passed up. For others to get better drive like gets really deep in his lamp went around the room twice and drop through 97 94. Dallas Luca with 18. Really good pickup for this small ball. Houston Rockets team five out. James Harden at the top leading the way dribbles between the legs left right left right now attacks the lane gets a seam and lays it in with a left hand like he's Loic nervously. No winds, affection 40 Points in the paint for the Rockets. 32 points on the night for James Harden. Luca gets contact got up a shot near the rib, and they're going to say the foulest before the attempt will be side in. So no free throws down on Jeff Greene foul his fourth. That's James Harden. When he goes to the rim guys have to make a decision. Do I come over and slide over and get in front of him and make him passion to a wide open three point shooter? Or do I stay with a three point shooter and let him lay it in? That's the dilemma right defending that it's don't you have to take away a layup. A layup is gonna be a 99.9% shot or three point is gonna be. There's a block underneath a pass to Trey Burke. Try to wrap it around either. Daniel House. Robert Covington got got a piece of that one. Shot clock. A 10 Dallas has a front port right side in about coming from Luca. Don check ball in his hands chest, pass out inbounds and gets it right back from Dorian Finney Smith checked on the three point arc. Backing up with three to shoot passes to KP will wanna fade away 20 footers short offensive board. Finney Smith. Dallas gets another possession 5 45 to go in the third, leading by one. Lucas sends it right side Finnish myth into the right corner Poor Zynga's for three and the seven foot three inch single not so much about 27 points. To go along with eight boards. The century mark hit by the Mavericks with 5.5 minutes to go in the third quarter and early before Right corner. Daniel House got poked away, gets back pinned on the baseline by poor Zynga's. He'll pass out with four to shoot a hardened hardened gives it up. Here's Covington at the shot clock Hornets a miss from three and four, Zynga's has the Dallas rebound. 196 Maverick leading five minutes to go in the third and somehow got away from James Harden and stuffs at home with two hands because James Harden thought he was in a bullfight and elated because you didn't want to pick up the Red jersey so ready. That was absolutely Annual house Red Hot from distance Miss. That three pointer rebounded by shits for 40 left in the third gets it into the front court was a rebound, seven assists in 20 points, working in the corner of Smith for three book it The Mavericks 14th triple Tonight. 70 Dallas run, They've restored a nine point lead. 105 96. Harden passing the corner. Coming in a wide open three is missed Hardaway with Maverick rebound Coming up on four minutes to go in the third, Don takes the pass up high as a screen from poor Zynga's now dribbles on the art against Jeff Greene. Puts it on the deck Dribbles by foul on a block attempt by Covington knocked down Lucas Dante, who is down on the floor, awaiting some help from teammates looked him up for a one to go in there and make D'Antoni is going to review it. He felt that was all basketball from coming coming over from the weak side. We will have our First review, having left the green light yet, But we heard the public address announcer so they will take a look on the coach's review will have the answer. Coming up for a one to go. Third quarter Dallas 105 Rockets 96. This is the end, a ESPN radio and the ESPN prevented by indeed..

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