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Reported. As of now and again over 161,000 person voters across America, but county in downtown Phoenix. Gabriel Dominion Okita are news. People started lining up to vote early this morning, and they're going to continue right up until seven tonight about half hour from now. America County Recorder Adrian Font is still With a large number of people casting ballots line to polling places have been moving along pretty well. Some folks in rare occasions in line more than about 35 minutes to one was about an hour. We're processing something in the neighborhood of 120 to about 140 voters on our Pontus ads that because we're in the middle of a pandemic, voting workers are all wearing masks and other protective materials to keep the voting process safe. Half an hour away from polls closing in Arizona line still going strong in some parts of the Valley. There's Griselda Latino continues our team coverage, Joining us now live from a voting a spot in Mesa. YEP. Mesa Community College where more than 100 people are lined up, waiting to vote. This is one of the busiest poli locations in the East Valley right now for 18 year old Alec Honorio. This is the first time voting I used to believe when I was younger, that the whole one vote isn't count. But as I kind of got older and I kind of went to school and got more educated, I do firmly believe that like everyone should be able to vote and that that one vote in the end will matter to find the voting site closest to you. Goto location. Stop America Vote, You will be able to vote as long as you are in line by seven PM in Mesa Result, the city. No, Katie our news while the sun Has said over Scottsdale and their most voters have called it a night, Peter same or joins us live from there? Well, Becky Lin ballots filled out and in hand, most voters were just dropping them off 25 minutes before the polls close. But Teresa's Wang is handing out pamphlets urging last minute voters to vote. Donald Trump, saying he'll protect liberties that she did not enjoy in China were so happy to see that Donald Trump so tough on Chinese coming his party, so I think this is actually a hope for Chinese people. The polling place here at the Scottsdale resort saw a steady stream of voters with through about 30 booths, No delays reported or seeing all day long. Voters in Scottsdale, also deciding on contentious races for mayor and Congress. Tight races there and perhaps you know, as like, our experts have told us this area is turning Mohr and more Democrat meaning a lot of Democrats. Press voted earlier and tense. Not so much of a rush with the last remaining Republicans in Scottsdale, and that's where I'm live, Peter, Same or Katie are news and the doors have just opened up in Chandler for the Arizona Republican Party, Election Night Watch party. That's where there's Jim Cross. She is live at the new square near Arizona Avenue and Fry Road. We'll check in with Jim in just a moment. In the meantime, Glendale police have returned 18 stolen ballots to their intended recipients. They were stolen from mailboxes in.

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