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Economists are already trying to get a handle on how the holiday shopping season will shape up. Deloitte is out with the forecast says spending could be up 7 to 9% this year because Americans will be traveling and dining out more often than they did last year, when much of the economy was shut down by the pandemic. Deloitte says spending on goods will likely be about the same as in 2020. People are ready to resume travel. But safety is top of mind. OMG surveyed more than 1800 American travelers Over the last two months, 70% of respondents would support international travel passports. There's still a lot of vaccine resistance, though more than half of the unvaccinated travelers Say they would stay on vaccinated even if it meant they could not travel and Taco Bell reportedly has an idea to increase your traffic. CNBC says the fast food chain is testing taco subscriptions at some restaurants in Arizona for 5 to $10 a month depending on location. Customers can get one taco every day back to you, Jimi. One taco every day. Amazing you saw the story Right dude, 3 12 year old students from Silver Lake Middle School in Pembroke Pines who are arrested on Sunday. And accused of threatening, leaving threatening messages that were posted on Snapchat. You got to wonder. What is it that these kids don't understand, or parents don't understand about the seriousness of these, uh, these threats that we see periodically pleased to be joined this morning by laughter. Scott, Poland. Psychologist, crisis coordinator, school violence expert and professor at Nova Southeastern University's College of a set of psychology community doctor. Good morning, Jimmy. Yes, It's so troubling to all of us to hear about these threats of violence. And, you know, I compliment the local police in the school district because we must take these threats seriously. Yeah, And that's one more thing that parents have to until there, make sure their kids understand that this is a joke. These kids are going to wind up as if they're convicted, is convicted felons. So I think it's really important that really every parent and I felt this for a long time it consider around the kitchen table with free and easy conversation about their Children about you just cannot joke. About school violence and school shootings. I also think it's something we have to discuss it, every classroom and in our places of worship. We don't need the names of these young people. We just need to talk about. They made a mistake and the consequences are quite severe. The other thing, having been a responder on site to 16 different school shootings, Americans need to safeguard their guns from Children. That isn't saying you can't own guns. That's just saying you need to lock it up so your child cannot get access to it and take it to school. Yeah. You've got to be a responsible gun owner. If you're going to be a gun owner, Um what about the defense that I know, I can just hear the defense attorneys now saying their brains are not developed yet they thought it was a game. And we can't make them convicted felons because they thought they were playing a game. Well, it's a great point. We know particularly middle schoolers are often really impulsive in the things that they say and do things that they post. There's no easy answer here, but I think it's important that parents realized that All of that technology. It is a privilege. It's not a right and parents have to have conversations with their Children about digital citizenship about once you Post something on the Internet. It is out there. You can't take it back. And having said this parents need to, essentially, no the passwords they need to check. They need to make sure that they don't allow young Children to have too much unsupervised access to about the Internet. And actually, tonight, the city of plantation. Is sponsoring a presentation by myself and Dr Hillsman on the challenge of raising Children right now, especially with all the stress of covid 19 and information about that presentation is available that nova dot e. D u Forward slash shark chats that begins at 6 30 this evening. We did a similar presentation, uh last spring and had a very large number. In our zoom presentation, so I hope parents will tune into our session tonight, again sponsored by the city of Plantation. They're important stuff doctor really is And it's a conversation as you said that every parent must have with every child and should be discussed openly. Uh, you know if these kids are convicted, uh, they can forget about college. They can forget about a lot of things. It's just a shame. Hey, Doctor. Thank you so much for your time. Good luck tonight, and it's a great idea, and we look forward to talk to you again and in their future. Thanks, Jimmy. Have a great day you to take care of that prescribed Poland from, uh, the Nova Southeastern University's College of Psychology. Um, maybe you've got some fortunate for us. Jimmy Derek Carr found a wide opens A Jones in overtime. The Raiders rally to beat the Ravens 33 27 on Monday night. Football. Las Vegas car finished with 435 passing yards, two scores in a pick Darren Waller,.

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