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Always knew. Someday you'd come walking back through my dr. I never doubted that. Something made it inevitable evitable. So what are you doing here in nepal. I need one of the pieces your father collected. I learned hit you in the last ten years. Welcome back to film spotting with josh larsen. I'm adam our michael fills from the chicago. Tribune is with us as well. We'll michael is going to be so relieved that after this. We will not mention raiders of the lost ark anymore. But we had to play another scene there from it. Because josh we're calling. This are raiders of the lost ark. Memorial lists stars of the top five films nineteen eighty-one because i'm sorry michael. Despite your aversion to that masterpiece yes. I called it a masterpiece. It is our number one pick. We would both say it's the most. No one of nineteen eighty-one so were it. We're putting it aside. We came up with five other choices and we thought this would be a good top five to do looking back on that year as we had our sacred cow. Discussion of raiders lost ark. So michael as you look back on eighty one as you reflected. was this any kind of a good year for cinema. And what your number five. It wasn't really only a milestone year. i mean i. It didn't have you know like as i say earlier. If was nineteen seventy five. You'd have an amazing variety of of really ambitious experimental studio stuff. And then we'll be like jaws which is some people say ruined highwood. Nice i say maybe but it's a great movie. I don't care but for me number five okay you want to hear it in wanna hear it. I can't wait. Stripes starring bill murray. I love it yes. This is a tough omission from. I love and it's not much of a comedy honestly. It's not a great screen comedy It's to me. I put it on the same category as as anchorman with will ferrell. I mean that's not a particularly well written or innovative comedy. It doesn't even really hold up toward the end. I don't care the best thirty forty fifty minutes of it just still makes me laugh. I think it is such a pleasure to see. A guy like murray. Lighten the load of of of this old. You know standby genre. The military comedy And just somehow the vibe that he and harold ramos going just this to schlub who joined the are where they run into john candy and everybody else. Warren oates tough as nails. Come in and Arjun tell yeah and elmer bernstein score. It's like he's scoring the great escape again. No one told him that. It's just a bill. Murray and i i really i really think this film is the is the kind of star vehicle that we don't get often enough today. Meaning it's just something that's basically designed to prop up a a uniquely skilled comic talent and and do the job and it still does the job or all very different people. We're what to see. We're not spartans. Where americans with a capital a You know what that means that means that our forefathers were kicked out of every decent country in the world we are the wretched refuse underdog. We're matz here's proof is knows as cold. There's no animal that's more faithful. that's more loyal more lovable. Then the mutt. Who saw old yeller. Yeah that was a really tough one for me to leave off at various points. It was in my top five. Because i still quote from that film. The fact is on a daily basis. Second find reasons to work stripes lines into my everyday conversation. And as i was forming this list. I was thinking back to our dance. Scenes from last week. Couldn't the big scene where they do their big presentation on graduation day. It's essentially a big choreographed seen. I actually think that could have been a contender for a great dancing. I think so too. Yeah i had this as an honorable mentioned. Definitely vintage murray for number five. Though i went with an american werewolf in london nice writer director. John landis i think of him as an exploitation director he lands just barely on the right side of the hollywood tracks but even so his name doesn't come up all that often his films come up very often his name not so much but when you think about films like animal house the blues brothers even adams recent top five honorees spies like us these persist as cult or popular classic spy. Greatest films of all time. You missed that one side like us. Michael that would slid right under their well after nineteen eighties. Blues brother's land is delivered in american werewolf in london. And now some thirty years later and this is the thing i love most about it. Is you still can't categorize it. David naughton in griffin dunne play american backpackers who encounter aware wolf on the moors of england. After this attack done is left as this walking corpse and not an comes under the werewolf curse. This is played for comedy. Mostly i would say but there's also it's full of gore and there's real horror to mow seems kind of bottle up all three of these things in some bizarrely idiosyncratic concoction and the one example. I'll give is the climax. You have to understand if you haven't seen it when not kill someone. They're left in this limbo state so they walk around like corpses. They can't really die until he's killed so the climax takes place first of all in this piccadilly circus porno theatre where duns corpse has gathered other victims of naughton so they're surrounding him in this theater trying to convince him to himself and all of this has played for comedy as they come up with different suggestions meanwhile not in starts to change into aware wolf. All this is going on and mind you. The porn movie is playing in the background. So it's at this point watching the movie realize whether this is good or bad. This is something you've never seen before and you're.

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