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You know that I have had a very different opening segment planned. About midnight last night. And such as the world that I live in that breaking news happens and things evolved in change. So here's now what I got for you. The way this goaltender market was moving this morning, I I thought that optimism was warranted when it came to Philipp Grubauer. Seven of the top 10 pending, um, phase and you can rank them in any way, but I think that we're pretty solidly on a list of 10. They were off the board within an hour of free agency opening. One of them was Chris Draeger, who went to Seattle, which I thought Solved. Seattle's goaltender question. I thought they were choosing him over carry price. How silly I was to think that But he goes off the he goes off the board a week or so ago, and then you get a slew of the guys. That gets snatched up within the first couple hours of free agency and then you throw in Marc Andre Fleury, who was traded to the Blackhawks. Because when goaltenders go off the board So do teams that need goaltenders. But clearly Waiting underneath. The surface of the water. ABS are sitting on their their avalanche ship. They're riding the ship. They signed Gabriel Landeskog. They locked up Kale MacArthur. They're ready for free agency. And there was Just like this little bump. Underneath the ship, and Joe Sacco, who was like what was that? And then all of a sudden a giant tentacle reached out of the water came down and snatch Philipp grubauer away. That was the cracking. And that crack in his name is Ron Francis. And as an avalanche fan, I hate him with every fiber of my being. I, You know, I thought after and you know how much I looked at Seattle's expansion draft. I was like Them. This is the group. You have the same system in place. That Vegas had That allowed them to immediately build a Stanley Cup contender and You don't use it. You just didn't He didn't use it. Numerous best players available from the team passed on him. Carey Price, most notably a goaltender, a franchise goaltender guy that just carried a team to a Stanley Cup. On the board didn't take him. Took Chris Draeger instead. Okay? No. Chris triggers nice. But he has yet to prove he's a franchise goaltender. What should have tipped me off that Chris trigger was not the ultimate answer and goal. But when we're on, Francis went through this expansion draft I was like this is the team. And I thought he was sandbagging it because I don't know if you're aware 2022 is a loaded draft at the top. There are three franchise immediate will not in media because there's a little bit it takes them a little while to get But three for sure franchise face of the franchise type guys at the top of next year's draft. So I thought, Well, this is why he's sandbag because clearly he understands. That the team he built is not a playoff team. Even in a week. Pacific Division. They're not a playoff team. So I thought it was well, he's going to build this out. The normal expansion franchise way. Lots of draft picks. Affordable, controllable players. He has Dave Hack stole, who's known as a developmental guy, you know, coming from the college level. I thought, Okay, This is the way he's building it, Not the way that I would choose, but you know I submitted my resume on monster dot com and I I don't think that Seattle reddit So they chose Ron Francis and Ron Francis has made his name as a draft and develop organically grow the franchise type of guy from his time in Carolina, So okay. To each his own. You, do you Oh, but he was sandbagging for a different reason. He was sandbagging because he wanted cap space. So once he's been able to utilize, said Cap space. Makes not one, not two, but three. Premier free agent signings. He grabbed, uh, cc legend. Jaden Schwartz. He signed Winberg. And then, of course, he grabbed Philipp Grubauer. And now I am ready to amend that my prediction that the Seattle crack and will not make the postseason because they absolutely are going to now. No, they're not. I don't. I still don't think they're the level of Vegas. The level that they were when they first started. But there are much better team. In the Five hours since free agency opened, then they were after the expansion draft. But that's the cracking so good on them for swooping in What I hope with this Philipp grubauer thing. I hope this wasn't about the land of Scott Deal. I hope that the Landeskog deal did not keep them from signing group. Our That is what could not under any circumstances happen. You could not sacrifice goaltending for winger, especially in this market. You lose Gabriel Landeskog. You can go out and get Jane and Schwartz. You could trade for Vladimir Tarasenko, although I don't know that ST Louis would be willing to part with them. Suffice to say there are more options. For the Colorado Avalanche to at least Replace Gabriel Landeskog s production. I am happy that Gabriel Landeskog is back with the Colorado Avalanche. I think that he is an elite player, and I think that he brings a lot of stuff that the Avalanche need. And need more of to be quite frank with you. But faced with the Sophie's choice Of Landeskog or Grubauer ice maintain the entire time. That group hours should be the priority. The guy's a Vezina Trophy finalists he signed for less than $6 million a year. Do not tell me That it was the value per year..

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