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The Kristen Hagopian show. Shout outs from everybody here in Studio B as we connect with our syndicated stations. Just got the fresh list. From biz talk coming up on ninety stations coast to coast via the biz talk radio network. Greetings to you all loving all the happy new year emails and texts and Facebook feed bag in Lincoln feedback as especially you know, who you are Mitchell Meeks and Kathy Tarver super fans listening in from the super talk Mississippi network this week show brought to you by are caring sponsors at national treatment centers. We're going to talk about this every week guys. You know, why? Because everybody out there. Everybody knows a family that's fighting the effects of today's substance abuse epidemic. Maybe it's your family tree that's battling it or someone. You care about the stories. I've heard have been tragic I don't want you to face that as well. And if that's the case if you're on that path that someone you love or care about is on that path pick up the phone, call the professionals. Get them to work on it at eight hundred two eight seven seven eight nine one that's eight hundred eight seven seven eight nine one. You don't have to do this on your own. You do so much on your own as it is. This isn't one of them the numbers on our website is well, guys brilliant frugal living dot com. Make it happen. Help the ones you love the ones you care about put that chapter behind them. They deserve it. And honestly, you deserve it. And they're the ones that can help eight hundred two eight seven seven eight nine one sitting here coffee and handed some delicious chocolate infused something caffeine, I'm digging it..

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