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You come in based on your tear. And you go through the whole process of most of them are being you know, administered in the hospital's. That's why, if you remember early on, we were hearing rumors that you know friends of friends were getting it. That's why they were getting it in the beginnings because the hospital workers that didn't want it or didn't show up. They had, like four doses, so they're like, Hey, you come over here. You know, they should do that. And they call friend of a friend. Hey, yeah, We're gonna have three extra doses Come over. Don't tell anybody. Well, that's because they That's for this very reason because they had Had put out the doses that they needed for that day's inoculations. And not everyone showed up for whatever reason. So now well, now he's one of my sources. Barbara Ferrer. No, this is someone that is going to give me some intel is to something else. We're going to talk about here in a second. Okay, but S so That's partly what's going on. Here s O. I did talk to Janice Hahn today because I know that she is. She's now been vocalizing her displeasure with this when she found out because she didn't know that this was what was going on. So her initial plan in cut a is this You should have a wait list of people. I'm suggesting 65 older who would be able to make it to that site. You know, within an hour or so on guy. I think that would prevent any possible uh, you know, Throwing away at these does is, I think the public would be so angry if they found out that anybody was throwing away. Uh, doses of this precious vaccine, which, by the way, we already don't have enough of So I want to get to the point where we have 100% of the vaccines that have been allotted to L, a county we have gotten in somebody's arm. He issues that she just said there toward the end that we don't already have enough of and I want to get 100% into the arms of people. There's a reason for that. And we'll talk about it after the break, Okay, Look at that. You called for the brown. I'll stay for that. I think I will, too. I see you got us both. Look alright. John and Ken show. Okay. If I Deborah Marquez, a car slammed into a fire hydrant.

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