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That question but trump said that might not be an obstacle we can also added a vision on so we can start the free thing now and maybe your that does them after we get a positive decision so we're working a lot of things including an executive order the Supreme Court stop the administration's effort to add an inquiry for now after raising questions about the government's explanation for adding it but the court did not issue a decision on whether the question itself would be unconstitutional ice Roscoe NPR news Washington a young man who claims he was sexually assaulted by Kevin Spacey three years ago is dropping his civil lawsuit now attorney Mitchell Garabedian isn't saying why his client had changed his mind the suit was filed in a Massachusetts court last week the young man who was eighteen when the alleged incident occurrences spacey gotten drunk and groped him at the bar of a restaurant where he worked as a busboy in twenty sixteen spaces lawyers accuse the young man of deleting text messages that would have supported the defense the fifty nine year old Oscar winning actor was also accused of seducing a fourteen year old in nineteen eighty six he was among dozens of high profile men in various fields to be accused of sexual misconduct as the me too movement was gaining momentum the labor department says today job growth job more than expected in June after may's dismal seventy two thousand increase Steve Beckner says that it's causing Wall Street to reassess the odds of a federal reserve interest rate cuts later this month analysts were looking for a much smaller non farm payroll rise than the reported two hundred and twenty four thousand so fed watchers are rethinking their predictions of a big cut in the key federal funds rate not everyone is convinced the fed should back off despite June's rebound average job gains of still slowed from two hundred and twenty three thousand per month last year two hundred and seventy one thousand in the second quarter wages are also rising more slowly TS Lombard economist Steve blitz thanks the fed needs to move aggressively to boost inflation and prevent recession that Steve Beckner reporting at last check on Wall Street the Dow Jones industrial average was down thirty points this is NPR news from KQED news I'm Jeremy Siegel the conditions of the two teenage boys who were shot and injured in.

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