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I certainly you know while I'm not trying to discount the the tragedy is the of come across in my own life I certainly have not gone through anything remotely to the extent of what Max survive however I would say that our general philosophies on blackboard sweetly into ones yeah. partly because of the kind of sad and partly because of the character choices that were made but it was kind of like taking a magnifying glass to to my on Billy nothing can break us ultimately if we keep on Lovin station tact. now if your breakout role was and Wall Street money never sleeps what led you to go for that movie. our older style when I was producing a political ads for MoveOn dot all about bringing troops home from Iraq against this is back in two thousand and five two thousand six and and we just hit it off yeah I I I grew up watching his movies he certainly was nature and clutch ally and becoming a writer actor storyteller in any capacity but we would going it cast me in a movie called thanks bill that could was kind of the dream role fortunately self rule before we started shooting so but a major let down well they're upset but then all when I heard he was doing Wall Street to like neatly something in the mail so you do are a Wall Street moved and the orchid you're not going to cast a guy from Brooklyn that that you know open up gas. and he he certainly made me work for I think I can do about five audition rules for that but finally won the grand program reserve playing this part with this extraordinary cast the collapsed on the casting room floor. bye woke up and realized the loads this is real because apple and forwarded to like that movie was yeah and what what you went to high times as executive editor and its description as quote an outlaw version of Vanity Fair. yes well at the time I was living in LA actor my mother's cancer had returned so honestly I'm looking for any job that would take the docking York's Richard Stratton. it was a good friend of my father and son certain time one of the biggest cost smugglers American ever see and observe all eight years I believe or else what he got out he became the you could go to prison entertainment guide and I had been around. first started seventy four so he and I will close the circle and then tore them look out from a and we're an ally he told me that he was coming and could become the editor chief of the magazine. radical makeover to bring it back to its roots as a medical source certainly right up my alley so the combination of the job will take you back to the York the opportunity to have a voice so that's the George W. bush's presidency. our allies confluence of ingredients gourmet. now I know you've already said a little bit but is there anything else you want to say about what to feel a movie about the past the second son has to convey to audiences today. well yeah when you talk about. the Holocaust we're talk about World War two. never a bad time to remind oneself that this happened the foods our recent past and obviously there's a lot of echoes today with the build up towards the kind of the Taliban. fascistic concern hello to our country go ahead I do find that it's very hard to write directly about today the one reason because the technology is changing so quickly by the time you write a script and and take the the months and years that it takes to get information out there it's already data so in many ways I think what we're seeing is a trend of looking back on our past with the new lands and re evaluate it what we thought it was in order to speak to what's happening today I certainly hope the second son that's under that category because the that that aspect of it was such an essential component down to the shoes I wore a little relief from nineteen fifty three whatever jobs on that album has certainly unique feature and inform the character hurt quite a bit they came all but but no I think it's really important to to examine those after so that time post World War two today and hopefully learn from some of the mistakes that were made. now about your father Norman Mailer what you feel is the biggest misconception about him. where to begin. I think the I think the biggest misconception about him is that he was gonna stop generals nothing could be further from the truth will out of the door whether they some very very stupid jokes and public not realizing how they would come across certainly paid for them at the end of the day my eyes the was obsessed with the human condition. somebody trying to write novels that word give us insight into deeper questions that hopefully with leaders in the house of direction. actually one of the projects that never happened developing valid so an adaptation old J. Michael Adams biographies Norman Mailer double life that I'm writing the pilot who and bottle for the series for now not to do it's only six seasons here. so if I can. get the right pieces in place to make this happen I think it will be a you know a couple of new generations were introduced to the life and work of Norman Mailer really takes us from World War two allies by kind of a fascinating lands to.

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