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Irresponsible it's unfortunate that one careless inaccurate story can generate such widespread negative and damaging coverage so look you've got this story sort of continuing to take on a life of its own taking a very interesting turn today right here on red sox review and it's funny because i wanted to sit here and spend the next half an hour crushing the globe for their lack of coverage but maybe the globe was the only responsible news outlet out there and they put their crime reporters after it and they're investigative reporters after the story and they wanted to get it right rather than run with wild inaccuracies and sexy stories that generate attention generate feedback generate calls generate ratings generate clicks they wanted to go out there and be patient and get it right that's at least the way that the globe is going to spin this and they will want they'll come out of this thing looking very good if the story that they came out with today winds up being the true story here so it is sports radio w e it is red sox review i am patrick gilroy continuing to talk about the red sox how they've come home and started to sort of turn things around offensively here chris sale will the dominant performance today the red sox they win the rubber match against the mariners taking two out of three they've got tomorrow off and then the angels come to town so we can talk about that with you guys at six one seven seven seven nine seven 937 also continuing to sort of break break down this whole hanley ramirez story and how it's continuing to change and take on a life of its own here we all thought we understood what the hanley ramirez story was the involvement with the sentinel unfortunately looked like it was real it looked like and everything that we had read and heard point two to hanley somehow having a hand in this operation as a matter of fact if you go through my notebook here i wanted to do a whole segment or maybe more on how stupid athletes can be and why hanley was not the only one i mean there's been countless athletes over the years that find themselves in the middle of these sort of drug operations buying and selling drugs trying to be a drug kingpin and i never understood that something that always sort of escaped my reality i i don't get it you know these guys the whole point of selling drugs and being a drug dealer especially at that high level is to generate cash is to make money is to get yourself damn good in income yet.

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