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To sandwich. Was not what I needed. Some motley Crue wreck. He's got Davidson is our guest. My my very, dear friend. Morning, michael. How are you? Wonderful. How are you? I'm good. I'm going to turn off my mind now. Okay. Tell the story of chance Davidson, oh, sure I love first of all by the way, I need you to. I know you're not at Locke Lord anymore. Right. But whatever you ask they do. Shoot. An Email is David Taylor still managing partner. Absolutely. Yes. Can you send an Email to First Baptist own? David Taylor, managing partner at Locke. Lord is still locked Lord and missile. It's it's just lock Lord now. Okay. Yeah. Scott Davidson, our guest and my wife were law partners at luck Lord embezzle, which is what it was. Then it was when they started their just before they started there. It was Ladele saps Zivie Hillen Laboon. And for those of you who listen to me every day. You know, that Walters was like a second dad to me. And so they they were both at that law firm, Scott is very accomplished labor lawyer. And then he left to join Mark watch who had been to manage or who had been superstar of that firm at the freed freakin group. And now he gets like ten percent of all prophets of every Lexus and Toyota that sold if only in America. How long have you been over there? Now. Going on two and a half years. Wow. You like it. Yeah. It's it's an incredible said you didn't. Well. No. But I do have you written in the electric car? Now yet the on the one and only time I've been in an electric car. Mark watch took me in that. Because it was a tesla. And it was something to behold, whatever that main road is at dairy Ashford and Freddie offices enclave enclave. We got on that thing, and it was zero to sixty in no time. But what's weird about it is that there's no friction there's no combustion engine? So there's no rumble, and he'd that rumble. So you're doing sixty and don't even realize it it was it was an experience. Anyway, can you reach out to David Taylor and ask them to commit a hundred suits over there. Absolutely. It's just did you hear me talking about it? Yeah. I did see Dr it's just you throw away suits. It doesn't have to be your your your current suit. It could be a suit you don't fit in anymore. And then I'll announced locked Lord and vessel for one hundred suits. And I'm sure they'll be really glad I'm asking for another favor. Every election of mine. I would walk the halls and ask people to give me money, and they always did. Well, I have five of my own. I'm going to be bringing over there are they too fat or too skinny to they're they're bigger than I wear. Now. That's good news. All right. Freakin probably be in for one hundred two now that I think about it. Because Mark watts doesn't even worse sued anymore. Does he what's that? Does he even wear a suit anymore? He's probably a slow polo shirt guy now. No, no, no. He he's he's well-dressed. Oh, okay. All right. Dulles? The story of of chance Davidson born December sixteenth nineteen ninety nine. I know he lived his first sixteen months in California before you came to Texas. Yeah, we came to our senses. Yes. Tell us tell us that journey. Yeah. So he was he is a first time. We have we have two boys. Chances are I and we moved here to Texas here the Houston area shortly after he was born and have made our home here ever since. And so he grew up here in the eastern area. We lived in Pearland. And you know, he was he was he was a typical kid, you know, he would, you know, get into trouble from time to time. He he loved to talk would, you know, talk a lot in class. But you know, the thing that really made him special. I think was he was just always happy. I mean, you know, you knew him. I mean, he your listeners may not know but Michael used to invite kids out to his ranch for Easter egg hunt. This is before he had his own kids. And and so we would always go out there and and chances loved it out there and just he just always had fun. No matter where he was he always had a smile on his face. Actually, I think Michael you took a chance on his first ATV. Right. Do you know they're the picture of him riding on that four Wheeler? Which I had just bought that day. It was set we needed to four wheelers because we ended up with four because so many kids were coming in wanted to give them rides and just bought it that day, and I don't know if he was the first rabbi is one of the first rats and him on the back of their is on my desk at home to this. Aw. That's so neat. That's so neat that very special. I mean, a lot a lot of special memories out with you and your family and all those kids and. So, you know, champs was you know, he was he sort of a kid of many interests semi was avid soccer player was a good student played the bagpipes played the bagpipes. Yeah. He was he's really into music, piano. But bagpipes were his his his instrument of choice. I think the guitar the piano. Yep. Yeah. So he was he had he had all he kept us busy. Let's say. But really really a fun kid and just was always happy and not actually extended that sort of spirit extended into his treatment. So when he was twelve in June of two thousand twelve he he started having headaches. And so we took him to the doctor, and they weren't really sure what's going on. But they saw some you know, inflammation on his optic nerves. So we went to see an optometrist. And then we ended up getting an MRI and our worst fears were realized he had a brain tumor and was near his brain stem. And that was what was causing the headaches. And so, you know, he. Scott, Scott Holroyd there. I want to continue this conversation in the next segment. The Davidsons are an amazing couple considering what they went through. And there's a lot to learn about.

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