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Latin yeah yeah. The void of outer space earth glimmering near us round blue so magical all m v people united on the planet from india to australia from africa to europe. Nba and as you learned in episode ten we are sailing through outer space in orbit with the earth around the sun in our titan chariot this is the chariots of geijer race arima whittam a casino our three steeds burying the first line of virgils immortal. Aeneid our guiding us. I sing of arms. And the man with me are rene descartes and civil. The soothsayer civil has been holding the reins of the time chariot but getting carpel tunnel so to exercise her wrists. She is playing socks zone. Carta four affects with rene. You might not as rock paper. Scissors sox zome carter. Ford affects sock. Zoom carter ford affects ton her. Meanwhile we navigate the mystery of space in last place but speaking of rock paper and scissors. What's this giant rocks forming before us. They argue big witness everywhere. We are competing in this cosmic race with fortuna the roman goddess of good fortune the polygamous brothers against the so called Boys who constantly conjugate. What's that i hear. They detaille what what is fortuna saying. Desist detaille that means stop. Fortuna was in first place over tuna. Why is she back here telling us to stop what is happening ahead look. Mvp's a formation. A mysterious connection Conjugation day a mood us a wall. We must stop the time chariot before we crash into the motors of meteors meteor from the modern latin media room sybil. It's it's monumental so from late latin monumental. He's an impenetrable wall of solid rock. It's blocking out the stars that guide us wait for tuna and civil are hatching plan. They seek the key to safe passage. If there is one the future for tourists can be a wall or a window a morris or finesse. Stra that slowly closes on us. We may be crushed by the conjugation to co joining of meteors. Unless we can act but but how we must. We must work together. The ammo boys are organizing random rock into the famous first conjugation verb Oh man. I don't see someone. They are straightening out the meteors with their neak conjugation of first second and third person singular and plural the harmonic of their clean congregations resonate with the rock like the music of the spheres g. Look the polyphemus brothers are painting. The freshly organized conjugation with popcorn balls. Transforming moore's into a really interesting mural kellyanne full art opens passages to imagination. but we still can't get through. what for tunas telling symbol that we need a four word incantation to finish the trends formation for words one word from each of our four chariots to change solid rock into a glittering window. I have it ostra. Patter us to the stars. Through hard work what a motto that would make at j. behold the mural of meteors is turning into a window of wonder it's opening and closing. We must all go through the window at the same time. Yes we must defenestrate together. It worked it was hard work but we did it. There are the stars again. We came to the stars through hard work and we all finished the chariots of geijer race seymour or in english simultaneously. And so it is. Mvp's when we work together all of us from all nations all of us on the big blue marble we call earth. We can work wonders. We can do things. Belay v sue wonderful to behold those bagpipes. Come from by the way and remember none skoda said pro vita not for school but for life economic aca kkk kkk..

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