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Yeah that's his uniform but if this was a movie mortal combat I think you could easily stick to the character tropes but then it's just a tournament movie like we've seen a tournament. I love a good tournament movie and in a way. I wish this was one right. It's baked into the premise of mortal combat combat like you would think if you're going okay this tournament movie. I think they were trying to do something a little bigger and different and I think that's why it might still a bad trim streeter movie. It's a better action movie than would just be a tournament movie especially. If we had streetfighter the tournament movie and then mortal combat combat. I think those two would always be connected. One would look worse and be worse be regarded worse but instead. We get this really fun like basically you like spy action movie. I have never played the video game but I'm told my research tells me that mostly. It's just fighting right the video one on one fighting fighting you progress you fight. Bison Yeah Yeah you're moving across the globe right Joe. You're fighting countries. That's why is the reason why the guile thing is so weird is just because it is about fighters from countries like specific countries so you can't change their countries. Ken from he's American Oguz Americans yeah like ones east coast ones West still I think both Ken and Reo are American can described as American con artists but they only con criminals. That's the important thing about them. is they're bad they're Robin Hoods and away and the concept that they're pulling at the beginning of the movie is they're. They're claiming to sell weapons to SA- got but instead they sold him NERF guns. Actually this is where the law because because all of a sudden I was presented instead of Jean Claude van Damme whose characteristics himself I was presented with two characters who lacked charisma cameron and like especially the white dude. He was sick for a lot of the production doing it shows in some key scenes where he just looks bad knows. It just doesn't look like a lead man that like I love the character of can I think he's so cool so just because this film. It's not a tournament film but there's Loonier plot that we're following and that was something invented for the film doesn't mean that it was comprehensible to me. I had to turn a lot to wikipedia tissue late regroup and be like so that was happening in the film. I felt like a lot of storytelling was still very messy for me to follow along. Do you think it's for the lack of my knowledge of the video game or I don't think it would be lack of knowledge of video game because the movie doesn't fall video game. It is a little bit weird like when the the second act break is him faking his own death so that they can do their spy mission with cannon Rio but that's a weird because your characters dying you now now and your main character being an ensemble film it passes it to Kenan Review at that point yet. Who is the main character. That's the problem is like the kind of lack lack of main characters in it being Jean Claude van Damme. Maybe if that wasn't John Cod van Damme there would be less like junk van empty dude his supposed to not die I twenty five minutes into the movie and even though he's faking his own death you're still like your plan as the hero is to fake your own death and not do anything for half of the Second Act. You're the person that m bison wants to he. You are kind of the driving force for the villain in a way and you've picked out and it just active lead character. I mean all of a sudden he disappears for awhile magic. Show and you make this plan with Guile to make it look like they've killed him so they get kind of brought into cigarettes crew and Scott and Bison making weapons deal and Chun Li's. They're undercover as an acrobat performance that everybody everybody loves. We've learned by this point that Chun. Li is not just a news reporter. She is a martial artist. Yes trained in the martial arts of three continents to get revenge on him bison so she's there for that reason as well which she never really get man. It's so disappointing because has she almost takes him out. Yeah she almost takes down by Senate like the forty five fifty minute mark of the movie and then she never gets too good. She's just fighting. Anonymous bag is the big fighting and she's not even doing that much of that. Everybody gets pretty full arc work and get some sort of retribution to something they've done in the past except for her. She gets her shot and then it's it's like Oh gyles GonNa kill 'em bison now and the reason that she doesn't get it is because her friends are outside yelling her name and she gets distract yeah. That's the at one point. I don't really like I wish. She got more of her bangs. If you do hair bangs go all the way covered the forehead. Don't just the three little hair of some kind yes she gets. I would say the most like emotional impact out of anyone in the movie movie right like she has a whole monologue to m bison about how he killed her father. Which is where you get that great line from Julia about how the day advice I M Bison visited your village was the most important day in your life but for him bison it was a Tuesday and then like it. Just doesn't get anything anything else to do for the rest of the movie. Yeah that's definitely a bad thing and guile yeah guile and Bison has your friend and you're the hero but who cares we'll I expected some love connection and chemistry at the end and there's just this awkward moment of them standing next to each other well. It's weird because like Cami Cami obviously has feelings for him but then he's just like whatever like except with Chun Li like it's just a weird moment at the end. Wait wait. Don't give them the chance at two girls and then having choose and just because you're really having sex with Kylie Minogue. We don't need to see that in the movie and what he says to Chun Li is that he will let her interview him as long as she wears the dress that m bison has made her winner was a different era a- all the men in the movie are kind of salivating over her can gets drawn into a trap because he's got the hots for because he thinks he can hook up with a UH. Uh after her magic show and Bison also clearly puts her in this dress for a reason that scene was supposed to be a lot darker for me like he's. He's trying to take advantage of her sexual. I think like he invites nine invites. A he forced her into his room and all of a sudden we see the digits like chatting being as they're like changing to different outfits. There's like little. Chad hats grade seen though and notice how the costume is for everybody. It's like some sort of shackle or piece of shame they put on which is the reason why they later fight in the Games. You know you can see the games in a different light because because you know what they're wearing isn't necessarily symbol of pride. It's the symbol of the darkest day of their lives that now they fight harder for That's not a real real thing I just said but you know you can take it that way when you can have your own head cannon right yeah when I play the Games I think about that now because of this movie that is in a way the cannon to street fighter is Kaneria Skis aren't from their master their from when they joined the evil organization Sasha. Did you know anything about movie you watched. It was like a brand new expand new experience. I mean my only connection is Jean Claude van Damme. I and I don't actually remember any of his films growing up but I remember him being look an icon in Russia when I was growing up and people were obsessed with him and his it looks and there was even a pop song that went something Guy Singing Jean Claude van Damme. I won't gave her to you. Oh man like girlfriend fell in love with John. Song by watching films and so now he cannot connect with his girlfriend yeah well because she's so in love with John but he's not just going to give up without a fight. How goes you'RE GONNA fight. Someone probably not Zhang Van Damme primarily. No these muscles a pretty pretty intense. He definitely worked out. You know people like to make fun of him because he's been in some cheesy films and he's kind of you know been coked out in his past but he's a legit guy. I I love so many of his movies. This one's pretty high up there as far as his movies. I don't know if it features him the best not as much of a Jean Claude van Damme movie despite the name being above the time yeah if feels like it is but then it really isn't saw react them Joe to the fact that he is sounds like Tommy was from the room and I mean it like they sound exact same makes me feel like maybe Tommy is from Belgium or time. He was so inspired by hi Jean Claude that who wasn't self sound examined. Tommy is like a workout freak correct right. He's got those freaky muscles. I think there's some sort of conspiracy there sure it's wrong but they're so yeah. He's cadences so off. Everything sounds very over pronounced when jean-claude speaks how you connect with him despite that I feel like to me that's just a Jean Claude van Damme movie like he's never spoken well L. in any movie from that period is a part of his can heal maybe in a way but at the same way Arnold Schwarzenegger's voices like it's Kinda the total package it's everything everything together and for me as a fan of his movies growing up. That's just Kinda what I came to expect so it didn't stick out to me on the level of it being being compared to the video game everything about it pisses me off so when I do think about it as a chance and making a street fighter movie it shits the bed so badly and it makes me mad to think about who can enroll you are and what story they decide to tell but when I think about it that way really he speaks with an accent you can say that he owns it but but then there's so many cuddle ways in every single speech that he makes and a lot of times you don't even know he's talking because they've been using different takes can even handle Alec speaking as an actor because aren't he would own his lines and John God if he feels always a key stumbles over the words..

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