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Next one easier. Now once in a while, I would take a break check. My email. Answer a few phone calls. Check the status of my EBay page and have a bag of chips ketchup chips. This is a port where I really kinda almost wanna examined right because this is a goofy motherfucker. He's got a big stupid Wagle and asked to can't trust. And he makes terrible movies and up into this point. He really is just your classic. Just loser to dream that he can't seem to attain who's cheating on his wife doing all his crooked shit. And but also, but he seems kinda goofy. This is a part where it's that bet is what's interesting about the psychopathic personality, right? Is the shallowness? Right. That is really the key is that it goes straight from he's talking flippantly about the movies that he's making plugging shit. And then the next moment he is literally gutting a human being right it description that he does in s K confessions about how surprise he was that guts are like sausages. And then when he pulls them all out like he thought, it would be kind of like, the gore you see in movies, but he was like. Can you believe it? It's like a bunch of bangers, and it's the it's the way that he looks at shit with. No emotion. Very very scary. And you start to realize, oh, this guy was of ticking time bomb this whole fucking tie. And of course, you know, it's interesting when you think about the message behind artists intentions Miley Cyrus has bangers actually about little hot dogs. And that's something that not a lot of people focus. So I think that's what is what is this called? When you think you're the star of your own movie. Like, it harasses them as narcissism. I remember there someone who said something mean to me on Twitter. And then I was like that was mean, and then they said, oh, I hope I didn't offend. I want to apologize to all of my fans, and they had like twelve followers that mindset, like don't even think of people like that straight up narcissism narcissism in psychopathic behavior, go hand in hand, not all psychopathic narcissist psychopaths, but most psychopaths are narcissists. It is it's interesting because. The internet seems to have allowed like many people do exist in these little bubbles because it is an honest, and because no one ever has to have kind of the words comer their mouth like checked by someone physically in real life that some I think a lot of people can say whatever they want on the internet because they're not worried about someone who they're saying to fuck and knocking them in the face. Yeah. There's no accountability. So these guys are both an example of these burgeoning personalities that the internet within create which is like now, I'm I think we're gonna see I think for a while we thought that maybe the internet would squash the idea of the heavy hitter and the of the fucking Iconex serial killer. But I think we're just gonna get more and more of it. After the dismemberment twitchell took down the plastic walls cleaned up the room with the Muna loaded the dismembered corpse into the trunk of Johnny's own red, Mazda and with great difficulty because he couldn't drive stick pulled the red Mazda into the garage. What I saw. I've talked to we. Even do it every kitchen learn how to drive stick. I'm just an old person saying that I learned how to drive do manual yellow geo metro that was the most fun to drive time with love to see you in a yellow I was. I was. Into that thing where your feet sticking out of the windows, though. It wasn't long. Yes. The guy I was longer than the car. It was a yellow convertible and in the tape cassette player in orientate with stuck. So all just like, it was I think it was automatic for the people. So it was just REM. All day. You hammered listening to man on the moon just careening off occurs. No, you're in the middle of the road is when you hit the curb, your no to joss, drove across the entire state of Wisconsin..

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