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Ding sleep disorders treating insomnia caitlyn ask what's the best way to treat insomnia and video says cognitive behavioral therapy is the gold standard so unlike many behavioral programs for say like weight loss or alcohol reduction cognitive behavioral therapy or cbt cvt capitalizes on your body's inherent drive for sleep and your circadian timing of sleep it teaches you behaviors that maximize those biological drives and that's why it's so powerful so the biggest key there was cbt in helping with sleep is the fact that your body does need to sleep you have this so you have this drive for sleep in your circadian timing uh relegate yo is in charge of how how and when you sleep so how does cognitive therapy work one of its two biggest components a stimulus control this is where its key stimulus control it's about having the bedroom environment predict sleep and socie the bed with sleep so it's like going to bed only when sleepy getting out of bed when i'm able to sleep and not sitting there watching the clock and then the second is time in bed restriction so people with insomnia and try to get more sleep i any more time in bed but that doesn't work so in order to be the most efficient and effective sleeper you have to be imbed only as long as your sleep and this is where i really think things get to be key like how he said that there were people often feel like okay i got to spend more time in bed if i am going to be able to overcome this insomnia but what you're doing is now we're starting to go back to some of this stuff we talked about with the brain the way the brain works habit center the basil ganglia the brain where you're starting to deepen those neuro pathways of the brain that say the bed is not the you know it's not even just that it's not a place where i go to just think about nothing but counting sheep but it's also starts to become a place of that can bring on anxiety because we don't feel like we're getting a that we need so therapist also like to review it's called and i love this race sleep hygiene and then also i'm a big fan of in in video talks about sometimes adding relax asian techniques and.

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