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To it he really botches it in box boxes anymore he doesn't have the fielder here's your gary matthews million guys in history adam dunn dave kingman back there most smart come on muzy catch it i mean that's where you put the lead footed thumper so here's jesse the other day is saying i don't know why joe did what he did he's got hayward playing but he doesn't have schwarzer plan he got a choice schwab or hayward if you're going to add one more lefty lineup which one do you want which one do you want so on a team that doesn't walk that isn't inning home runs why is kyle schwab or on the bench people want to tweet me about that that's a legitimate argument because again he he either is that guy you drafted at four and did that stuff in the world series or he's the first half schwarzer who's a platoon player but let's find out once and for all but moans mostly guys it's because he walks he walks and by the way the great spring against lefties not that that means everything but joe batted them against lefties a lot and then now you won't do it but he walks that's the key they need guys to get on base and get that offense going like it was in mid april i'm not mad at haywar didn't put a gun to someone's head and say sign me for twelve years at two hundred billion dollars i wouldn't hayward i'm not mad at darvish a little frustrating me this week and i know you saw the articles about jake arrieta and jake arrieta said that he had zero discussions with the cubs darvish right zero discussions until the night before they signed darvish then theo called them and said six years one twenty take it or leave it that's it we're not going to negotiate that's it then the next day they signed darvish your sixers one twentysix businesses ugly making a sausage you know just gimme the brower all that i don't want to censor summaries they might have touched base at least once before that they don't care apparently they don't business and once you're out of contract doesn't matter what's happening there you know you you did your job your your mercenary.

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