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For recovery, Thanks for joining the neighborhood. This is Wdun this morning's on main streets with Bill made 6 44 60 minutes away from seven o'clock stepping into a brand new morning. Glad to have you along with us today. Lots of sunshine expected 82 later on this afternoon. We're four minutes away, actually five minutes away from official sunrise. We're starting today. 55 degrees and you know, after 42 years, think of it just a little over four decades in business, Ivy furniture store is closing and all furniture mattresses. There must go and they're open 10 till six Monday through Saturday, Sundays one till five. And you're gonna check out some really great bargains there. Ivy furnish your final on Brown's bridge road there in Gainesville. Good folks over there and some some good quality stuff for you as well. Well, let's take a look back at little bit. It's something that happened yesterday. Former Nice District Congressman Doug Collins announcing Monday that he will not be part of the next election cycle. It's took a little time to check in with our Mitch Clark yesterday on newsroom in the five o'clock hour and speaking with Mitch Collins explain the reason behind his decision not to be part of the next cycle. Very good looking at the election. Whether was frankly for governor of her standing. We were very encouraged by polling and everything else. But they're also just has to be a time in which you you look at where you're at in your life, and you look at what you want to accomplish a little bit. And you also have to be ready to do it again. And then, just in fairness, uh, I never, uh, got to that point where I feel like if this was what I needed to do at this point, um, and you know, I think sometimes it's just personal. Your knowledge and of yourself and no one had believe me going into statewide campaign. I fully understood that you know what that meant and understand what I needed to do, and I was just after praying about it and really thinking about it just never came to a piece about it. So that's why we decided that this this cycle we would be bowing out and we'll be doing other things to support the cost and causes asked. What would it take for the GOP to be successful and to win coming up? Not only 2022 but going forward the party as a whole. And he says what the GOP needs to Do is improve into specific areas. We've got to get better at action, a conservative message being able to communicate a conservative message. It actually is not number one boring. I'm sick of conservative being boring. We got too much of that going on number two. I'm tired of it. Just being about well, here's our policy and you know, we got the best ideas. Well, that's great if they don't affect people's lives. And those ideas were simply just rattling of around that nobody pays attention to the like of playing. Gonna assemble it just it just doesn't matter what I'm gonna try and do it. It's help our candidates who are running so look articulate what you believe in particular. How defects people. How did you take a policy such as lower tax or less regulation that affect their everyday lives? They don't want to hear about the GDP they don't wanna hear about. You know the market. They don't care about any business. They want to know how You know, more money in their pocket means that they could send their kids to ball cap taken by this new tissues. Like looking down payment on my house. They can do those move the message to about the people you're wanting to serve and then number two. I think once conservative, you know, have power and I do believe that we're gonna win in 2022 in the house, and I think the Senate as well. I think it's time that we actually govern, and I think that's the decision that, you know, take those principles. Take the customer in concert decision, but tell people why you want to do what you did. And speaking of 2022 just around the corner, Or what about the possibility of Governor Brian Kemp facing opposition in the primary? Look, I don't have nothing personal against, you know, Brian Camp, I think, you know, I think some of the decisions that would have been made, of course I would question I thought he should have picked me for this. And he did. That's fine. Um, and I think maybe we could have ended differently last year, but I think the biggest thing is is where we are in the Georgia, you know, working with move forward, and if people want to challenge him, then I think he'll be the one that I have to answer that. But I do believe that because of his relationship or non relations, probably a better way to put it with the former president. It isn't me. He's gonna have a tough run. Even though he's not running just heard earlier. He is planning on working with candidates to help them get the message out there again. Former Nice District Congressman Doug Collins, appearing yesterday on newsroom with Mitch Clark, where it's 6, 48 or 12 minutes away from seven o'clock counting down to a brand new morning. Thanks so much for spending time with us today, not only on here, but online as well and checking in with us. The attacks that 77 Oh 5352911 talking about those songs that were big when you were graduating, and you're you're year and did get this one here. I thought this is interesting because you know we've seen a lot of songs and I didn't say, necessarily class song. I'm assuming this was a classic song. Yeah, it was popular back in 1976 Johnson High class of 76. This person says on it was Diana Ross. Do you know where you're going to? Oh, yeah. Which, Actually, it sounds like a good class. So actually, lyrics actually make a lot of sense. And you know, so there you go. You like the things that life is showing you do you know I could go on, But I'm not. But I will not taste. You're just reciting this exactly. But another one coming in from a Facebook on the fan page this morning. Uh, see Russell. Checks in Take me down to the Paradise City where the grass is God, guns and roses. Paradise Still, I can't say that I can't. It's my best. Axl Rose and it's horrible. I don't know that. I don't know. God, I know guns and roses. Sweet child of mine, But I just don't Paradise City had a friend of mine. Ah, good friends. The late, great and I mean that in all sincerity. Tony Hamilton loved Tony. What a wonderful soul Just a wonderful thought about him the other day, But he was we were off the Braves game or somewhere. You know, he and Jeff and I were just hanging out and that song came on Paradise City came on the radio. He starts singing he goes. He instead of Paradise City, said Panama City Always throw that in there. Justice just as a tribute to Tony Panama City Paradise is right. There is the same for some folks. The redneck Riviera, baby, That's That's it right there. All right. So let us know what was the big songs when when you're graduating because we're coming up on graduating when coming up on graduation here just a little bit so Let us know I don't know where that came from staying away from seven W do you but I do know where I'm going to. I'm going to the access Wdun Hardy Chevrolet newsroom. Here's be Jake. Somehow county parents, a lot of them actually telling the school board last night. They want a mascot.

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