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But, but I I I got a question for you could listening to motivating fitness programs getting fit good listening inspiring to start something new who's never been a better time to start listening on audible with audible, you get access to an beatable selection of audiobooks, including bestsellers motivation mysteries thrillers. Memoirs and born audible has the largest selection of audio books on the planet, and now with audible originals, the selection has gotten more custom with content made for members. I just finished listening to us against you by Frederick Bachmann. I'm now listening to the squared circle by David shoemaker. For those of you want to listen to a wrestling book. It's all their audible members also get access to exclusive audio fitness programs. Start the new year off on the right foot? Listen on any device to me, that's brother anytime anywhere at home at the gym on your commute. Just on the go. You'll enjoy easy audiobook exchanges rollover credits in an audio book library keep forever. Even if you cancel audible, the most inspiring minds the most compelling stories the best place to listen get started with a thirty day trial. When you go to audible dot com slash awesomeness, or text awesomeness to five hundred five hundred that's five zero zero five zero zero. Hey, listen for a change. And I don't wanna be gushing about it. But I really really really do if you couldn't tell by that interview enjoy his work and how it's just different man. I don't know how to put my finger on it. And that's a good thing. I really really think that is a guy who has has. Found his own thing his own style his own niche, and I can really to or not he has you know, it's his thing. So it it's distinctly him. And I don't think like if you were to, you know, just put green bastard body suits on everybody, you would still know him because of the way he moves, and and that can be a difficult thing in this industry when it's tough to to have originality. So it was good to have them on good to a big rain a little bit. Yeah. Big fan of his work. And after talking to a bigger fan of him as person good, dude. Glad for his success. And I'm sure he has plenty more to go. So looking forward to to to watch it all unfold, brother, brother. Yeah. You know, there's certain guys that you just watch and those four. You know fall into this category. Where you just watch and go man, how how fun would it all them except Bobby fish? Let's be honest. See the fish man in me. We're we're we're pretty tight. You know, I I got I gotta tell you. I think I think the fish flounder, brother. You're gonna make the fish flounder will maybe maybe smack into it. Would he he'll dress again some point? Last week. I was listening to this shitty. Pod. Graham, twit post, or whatever it's called in once my heirs realized how said they'd be while I listen to those two jobbers ENC. Something I never want to hear again. That's. I heard my old nemesis balls MAC talk disparagingly about my rider die my compadres, the into my huge hang the man, I go back to back with Devoto. That's right, smack verbally besmirched jerk. Jackson, you'll know him as Bobby fish. But we go back to the days when curly mustache wasn't ironic. When only the magnum P is in ta the village people in porn stars rock. Those facial poops. Let's make no mistake about it. No, one talks Cuanto about the Merman. You see our attornal bond was formed at a late night. Richard Simmons sushi taco party right after we completed us when the old VHS with Jane Fonda Joan Jett, Molly, ringwald, Sigourney Weaver, Kelsey grammer. And Pat Benetton the fish man was wearing polkadot unitards. So that made him cool with me, then we did blow with Kenny G out of his saxophone from there. We went moon. Light surfing with Danny devito and reapproach even you haven't lived until you've seen to beat to apply sex wax to along board at midnight. But I digress. Smack edge. You have no idea the hell you unleashed. I'm going to hold you in my son's at flip until the Red Sox and the cubs win the World Series. You understand me that's going to be a long time. No, one messes with my fish.

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