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Bids is october nineteen seattle one of those cities to see amazon stay put a coming up after traffic and weather a live report on the devastating wildfires in northern california komo news time three or four komo aaa traffic every 10 minutes on the 4s we say hello to kiera jordan and good afternoon no crashes earth styles but you're going to be on your brakes on southbound i five from ravenna 10th of west seattle bridge that my looking busy rather duwamish curves thing at pretty typical slowing from highway 18 into fifa northbound i five is starting to fill in around the shoreline and lynnwood area as well as the things scattered slowing south on one six seven out of auburn keep at civic look east five eighteen and southbound 405 though tapping the brakes as they approach i five in south center area north four or five busy out of rented anthony a catholic the have some scattered slowing kirkland is well southbound 405 is from southeast asia to call creek it's up on ninety nine looking at brake lights from western includes cell ago your next report that three fourteen i'm kiera jordan on komo news thanks so much think a look at your komo forecast yes we do that was set wayne kilford mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies this afternoon intermittent scattered showers as well kind of a transition day to a wet pattern that arrives tomorrow temperatures tomorrow will be at a low of fifty that looks like we'll pick up the the attempt to a quarter of an inch of rain book thursday and friday i'm seth wayne in the komo weather center currently in downtown seattle to son break mostly cloudy with 56 degrees as we continue with 20 minutes of nonstop news komo news time 336 we are expecting some extreme fire behavior and growth at bar incidents currently and that is going to lead us to challenges fire chief berry bearman with a very pessimistic forecast for and california where the death toll continues to rise abc's jason nathanson joins us from santa rosa and jason the video that we're seeing is just so devastating in heartbreaking and now we're hearing that hundreds of people are still unaccounted for as many as three hundred oh maybe more i'm not sure.

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