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Saturdays tend to eleven alan. Gould is great staff. they've been with us for. I think they're going on nine years now. So they're gold folks. Google guys yes they are. I love it all right a lot of excitement today for day for thirteen days. Thirteen teams. because it's none other than the powerhouse that is the eaten reds To a state champs last year can they repeat though. Yeah they can repeat but you know what it's all over the school i don't know what's in the water and eaten but in a year and a half they have five school titles We go all the way back to wrestling before. Cova kind of than softballs off falling debt right on dale news team comes out wins. They'll be a team that could repeat in softball football zach. Lemons team is eighth year. This year. they can come right back. I mean they've it's gonna be really fun and football. And i'll talk about walker martin their quarterback and just a second but football volleyball baseball so five. Five team titles. I haven't found another school. That's done that in the state of colorado in that short a time. That's just incredible and you have to wonder what it is. I mean you know we say is something in the water. But i don't know it seems to me that there is kind of this institutional wisdom there when it comes to sports there. Is this drive and determination that arguably well not not so much arguably is unsurpassed in the state. It's it's putting together an unbelievable staff. That's steve long. While the athletic director has just done a ridiculously great job at at staffing every single team. Look at the football team. Zach lemon head coach eighth year and then you go down the assistant coaches line. Dustin duncan he was a head basketball coach at windsor for eight years He he could be a head coach in three different sports anywhere. He wants to go. But he's an assistant on this team dean grebo. Who's also the head basketball coach. He's a football coaches well. Daniel lamont terrific guy. That's on the staff as well. This is just a fantastic football staff so continuity rains and they're good every single year interesting. He's an assistant coach. I'm sorry no disrespect Tell me his name again. Dustin duncan is the defensive coordinator. He's an assistant but he his whole career at the high school level in different sports. He's been the head man so his dean grabble. You don't see a staff where there's so many guys that have been head coaches but yet are able to make this staff as good as it is an interesting..

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