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I table one of the more disappointing players in the league table done well he's less is going to be a six year in the league i mean here the really performance unless he's made himself a decent little nfl career as far as kobe says a slog guy terrance williams he's terrance williams there's nothing really special about right so we'll see what going down with the cowboys i mean jason wins gone now he was going to be their starting tight end gonna be rico gathers baylor yeah former basketball player look pretty good preseason last year i'd say we'll see there i mean as far as what i'm expecting prescott let's see what do you do last season i don't last season wasn't necessarily great for him either all right so we'll see let's see let's see i the i last season throats for around thirty three hundred yards twenty two touchdowns thirteen picks sixty three percent completion percentage going to be there around his career though staff little maybe thirty five hundred yards around there on average about twenty touchdowns or so maybe a little bit more probably won't turn the ball over enough a lot because he's smart at quarterback completion percentage is always gonna look pretty decent so he's going to be smith okay alex smith i'd say last couple years in the forty niners good alex smith before they started their own the ball deep right must act prescott right there so we'll see if there's all our number one receiver plan to work i said it doesn't necessarily scream yes great at me but nonetheless of course i'm not a head coach so what do i know right talks talks during a podcast that's all i am so it'll be very interesting to see and i mean i did expect dallas to play play well this season all right but is the point where what exactly they got on this team does the defense like the wide receivers like i said i think one of the worst receiver corpse in the league offensive line is great running backs great quarterbacks decent defense does that defense impress you at all did it last year no demarcus lawrence did but that's just about it secondary wasn't necessarily anything to be excited about last year right i mean byron jones wilson beer starring safety cornerbacks anything they're really not really right they got a whole bunch to work on as far as defense and like i said i was picking maybe a lot better this year maybe make the playoffs but it's just the point where schedule pans going gonna be a tough game all right it's always have trouble being the giants at home detroit should be decent texas should be good play jacksonville i mean the whole afc south should be good it's going to be tough to be philly then you gotta play lanta the saints i mean this isn't necessarily the greatest or the easiest schedule right as far as teams decent secondaries i mean houston's got one let's see detroit's got one jacksonville got one tennessee's is getting better the eagles have won falcons got one saints got a decent secondary actually very good secondary right so it's gonna be tough for them i'm not really sure what i expect from dallas season i thought he'd have a real good season the point where for receivers in that defense it's not looking good right that prescott maybe could be a guy who elevates the pleasure around i don't see it i haven't seen it since he's came into league right can be the ezekiel elliott show this year as it should be the best player on offense game the ball so we'll see what ends up going down there but nonetheless we're going to wrap it up here next we're gonna be talking about anything else going on in the world of sports so stay tuned and i'll be right back.

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