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Dick and now amazon is launching philip k dick's electric dreams an interesting anthology series. That's going to be doing things a little differently than most series. Some episodes are already available on amazon joining the other. Philip k dick series man in the high castle. I look at the principles involved. And how this series hopes to ensure the survival of the much-maligned anthology series. These were taped at new york. Comic con. i r. isa hackett. Who is actually the daughter of philip. K dick and michael winner two of the executive producers of the series. They chatted about the origin of this anthology series. We died in relative obscurity which most people don't know And maybe we've caught up to some the ideas you can considered you know somebody who had a lot of paranoid thoughts didn't necessarily with people and i think now a lot of us are starting to look around and realize that we're questioning our own reality which makes me think a lot about my dad's work which was a constant questioning of reality You know there's some people Right now that are creating their own reality which is in bleeding into other people's reality and it feels like in they'll kick novel right now. I i do think that the universal themes the the sort of existential expirations resonate with people because just fundamental questions that we all grabbed. So you've been trying to get an adult who serious rent a while. And then i don't know about five years ago. We start talking about this. They actually approach me about reading the story. There's hundred twenty stories and reading the stories and picking one through that. And i started reading the audacity to say about all When i was a kid i would speak with my parents. Want me to watch the twilight zone. And i just thought you know even though enthralling dirty word and and in hollywood for wild maybe the time was ripe began so many different venues and whether it's streaming services so we started kicking around this idea and start with this crazy notion What if we asked writers and directors and actors To come play for an for. I want episodes call film film. And would they come and the truth matters of they did so serb with this cockamamie notion of doing things differently than we normally do. Tv i mean probably known in television terms. You'll have a writing staff. An annual sitting woman breaks stories in it's agonizing for three months and when you start turning out the scripts for the season and the notion and this is what happens if we go to. Riders would really admire and say i initiative. Filthy with like do one is one that that you personally love. If you're not that familiar with the short stories will supply you kind of go in the arc. So it's this notion. Well what if we did that. And then Not have a traditional writers didn't have really a writing staff. I mean we would exercise notes in and it's kind of like an all star team and so that's you know it took a while to to sell the project we did sell it We start actively developing it with with writers that we loved and his in a way. We think we'd do twelve scripts in the first year ten of which was shot in the long behold. Yes if some writer director so they stayed under director projects and and some were widely shared directors Then with the actress come first. They responded to the brand philip yet. They responded to the script a strict scripture interesting strong so it was kind of fun we got to invent a new world in the were cast of one of the things. I think that phil take good so well was not only reality hannity questioning. What is it to be mike. Androids dreaming story is covered in addition. I think it's really vital. The stories i mean. Look it's kind of like the suspense post world war. Two existential questions. Who are we got more. Cotton rule got more complicated. When your dad was right in every decade gets more complicated and so we all go through for thinking people at all who are. What's our place in the universe. Where do we go from so those are really vital. Things put you know the underlying thing about these stories. They're extremely emotional. I told the story number comes. The first reputation was from one of our british writers and it arrived. I heard my phone paying about five fifteen in the morning. I got up really. Take my kids at school. Also i get a really anyway. Said i'm going to sit on the floor of the bathroom just of the script. I started reading it and done. I was in tears. These stories are really. You know their their father son stories or husband wife stores. They're they're really stories are what what are vital relationships in the world. How do we make our way through the world. So i think if we've done our job people find them to be emotional. It's not just saifi thirty very humanist. And i think that's what made you what he what stories about the human condition. It's not just the guys spatial. And and that's that's was important. When we looked at this with the trappings of of genre can't cleared away after louis. Be the story about the characters. We started developing a channel longer. Britain and the amazon stepped in also You know it's kind of cool to do the screaming show i until last year. I also the shows naked pizza never done a streaming show before and it's weird. It's like you'd be all your work on bang it's happening but you know in a weird way because it's an anthology. I kinda like him this too. There's some novels that our collections of short stories that each chapter stands on his own as a short story. But you know like weinsberg ohio dubliners and the way this works. it's b. It's like that so the idea that goes up at the same time and you can read a chapter guan next chapter read. The last chapter is kind of exciting to know but it is an awesome streaming model is We went on sticky people last year for some experiencing all of a sudden. It's there and it's all that works. It's up at twelve a one but people responding to people and some people respond immediately. They just seen airing on regular tv or cable and some people like three months later discovered. So it's you can pick up a book your leisure but i think in some ways. It's really good for forty dollars instead of doing it week by week. That means more exciting there but the novel up and see people like the book again. Not the harken back. When i was a kid the music come up with to the stars. And you too okay. Where you're gonna take me this. So hopefully he's emotional and thought provoking and people say hey. That was a cool one. I would have to you know so in a way it's kind of like it's about the journey as opposed to recurring characters and You know like. I said we have title sequence. It will drive us into into the shelhah episode apps on film by film but To me it's kind of exciting to be able to. I've done you know the prime of the week shell. i've done. An arc doubt shelled at the story could take place over year five years This is a different beast and the diversity in the points of view in the storytelling and yet it's odd when scripts are coming in. They're all different but they felt of boosted. It had it felt like a one c with a twist was the.

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