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Estimate and roof nick dot com and the Mets or get pretty pretty much putting it on the Phillies. Right now they lead 7 to 1 in the bottom of the sixth. Brandon Nimmo just hit a solo home run. It's the third home run hit by the Mets today, along with Dominic Smith's R B I double in the first inning, Pete Alonso solo home run on the first pitch in the bottom of the second inning off granola, and before that, we also Jeff McNeil hit his first home run of the season earlier in the sitting that eventually chased Aaron Nolan. It's 7 to 1 Mets lead the Phillies. Aaron Nola pitched five and a third gave up six. Only three of them murdered because a couple of those runs scored on airs. He did strike out 10 minutes, but he gave up two home runs, walked one. Jacob deGrom has been fabulous six innings pitched, given up just one run A homerun to Andrew Knapp struck out 10 fillies and has only given up one walk 7 to 1 Mets lead it in the bottom of the sixth inning. And then there are the Flyers, who season came to our frustrating end as they fell at the hands of the New York Islanders in Game seven last night. And here's more from Heywood abuse that banking the fire season is over. After a for nothing game seven laws to the Islanders. Despite rallying from a 31 serious deficit to force a seven game. It was not enough for goalie Carter Hard and his teammates. Hockey is a different animal. And, um You gotta bring it every night. Can't have off nights so Ounces just didn't go our way. Sean Victoria play despite a sprain, M. C l and said the fires have no choice but to move on from a frustrating game seven defeat home No be charged the mine No. Get ready for next year, I guess, but I mean, I don't know right now is to really just taking positives out of anything. The fliers were out shot 26 16. As the Islanders denied the fires a chance to go to the conference finals for the first time in 10 years. I'm Ed Banking K y w news radio check on traffic and weather coming up after this. It's 3 20 on K Y w News radio. Your community that's all the swirling wind. Oh, my God, Your voice is really.

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