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Good to have you with us today. 844-747-8868 is our phone number where we're getting to the phones in just a moment. But I want to, I want to bring to your attention a bit of fake news. This is always, it's an educational process here on the tan star's radio program. You as a news consumer, you've got to do your homework. You just can't take things for granted in the mainstream media anymore. You just can't. It's a horrible time to be a journalist in America. Because there are none. Except for the ones we hire, and there are a few other places out there, breitbart does a good job. Some sections of The Wall Street Journal do a decent job. Newsmax does a great job. So anyway, yesterday on this program, we told you that the FBI, they seized president Trump's passports. That is a huge deal. By the way, that is a civil rights violation. Mike cernovich pointed this out on his Twitter feed. He says seizing president Trump's passport is a big deal because it shows the warrant was over broad and unlawful. The FBI outright stole whatever it wanted like Nazi goons. We'll be curious if recording devices were planted. Yeah, we were raising those questions yesterday. We wanted to know what they planted what they left behind. That Mar-a-Lago. So anyway, it was, I mean, the president of the United States came out and said, hey folks, they stole my passports. So then the Justice Department comes out and denies it. Never happened. We didn't do that. Well, these folks are not the brightest bulbs in the lamp over at FBI headquarters because it turns out that they did and the Trump campaign actually had the receipts. They've got the emails. And one of the emails that I'm going to read this to you right now, we have learned that the filter agents seized three passports belonging to president Trump to expired and one being his active diplomatic passport. We are returning them and they will be ready for pickup at 2 p.m. today. I am traveling, but you can coordinate blah blah blah blah blah. So there you go. The FBI caught in yet another lie. And what did Nora O'Donnell the anchor at the lady anchor over at CBS? What did she do? She put out a statement, claiming that Trump lied about it. When in fact he did not, president Trump was the only person telling the truth once again. The mainstream media caught in a lie. And to this day, Nora O'Donnell 24 hours later has yet to apologize or retract her fake news. You say, why does this matter? It matters because they have been lying about Donald Trump from day one. And it keeps adding up, adding up, adding up, and yesterday we talked about this with Laura Ingraham from Fox News channel saying people are exhausted. The mainstream media people like Nora O'Donnell, they just want to wear you down. Because they know you don't have a high tolerance level for this kind of stuff. So they're thinking as well, you know, if we can just lie about the guy, can we just make something up? I don't know if he likes to, you know, he has I don't know he's attracted to dolphins. Is there something that we can just throw and maybe that'll stick? And they've been doing that for years now. 5, 6 years they've been doing that. Let's go to the phones here..

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