President Trump, Jeff, University Of Louisville discussed on Wisconsin's Afternoon News with John Mercure


The sixty day disabled list he will get the start tonight four milwaukee brewers and pirates it's the first five game series between now and sunday tonight jameson town will get the start for the pirates milwaukee is up a game and a half on the cubs and they can gain ground cubs are off today they'll be in san diego for a threegame series starting tomorrow david stearns a busy man wade miley as i say his back so as adrian house earn alec asher the ladder to hopefully give the squad some bullpen help during this five and four days stretch moving out of the twenty five man roster freddie peralta cory lopez and nate orf eric sogard incidentally has been given his outright release from the organization bucks summer league has reached the tournament stage of that summer league squad takes on the spurs tonight out in vegas serena williams she was seated twenty fifth and she is now onto another wimbledon final that will take place saturday she is searching for an eighth wimbledon championship men's semifinals by the way are tomorrow and the university of louisville president said earlier today that the school is now evaluating the naming rights to papa john's cardinal stadium it's all of course a fallout after john schnatter's use of the n word during an internal conference call the pizza chain founder resigned from the school's board of trustees and as papa john's chairman yesterday after that story came to light so that saga continues again it's brewers pirates tonight jeff and hit the air at five thirty here on wtmj all right thank you very much scott it's four forty seven the ship heads east as they looked at close out the first half of the he's an mvp sees that means bombs away all star hey.

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