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The system a little bit but hey if you're gaming the system that means you're playing better game so i'm okay with it well one of the things that we talk about at our conference meetings in this matter what conference you're in i'm sure that these conversations happen is you are given these parameters and it's listen in order for our conference to have a certain strength of schedule rpi whatever you you need to stay away from schools that are in this quadrant right here you cannot schedule them forget beating them or losing to them you can't schedule them so you you start to schedule according to all right we may not play the absolute best teams but we're not playing the worst teams either and then the cardinal sin the worst is losing to a team that you're supposed to be a hundred out of one hundred times that's killer on the rpi because if you're capable of losing to that team and you couple that with not a lot of quality wins then you're in big trouble and it hurts your league to that's what happens to some of these leagues is you might have a twelve team league and seven or eight of them are scheduling pretty well but the bottom four or five rela they're really bad so they scheduled a bunch of three hundred and below rpi teams and so now you might play them and beat them and your rpi goes down because of that so it really you know i give credit to the league offices for coordinating this kind of you know putting the hammer down on on a lot of these teams that hey you know you're you're dragging your not just you know ducking good teams because you're trying to save your job you're you're you're bringing down the entire league and we can't have doing that so the conferences have gotten a lot more centralized in policing some of that they have they have speaking of conferences.

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